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Health and Mental Benefits of Youth Basketball Training for Kids

If your child is interested in playing basketball, learn more about age, skills and preparation.

Kettlebells Deliver Conditioning Benefits to Your Training Regime

What looks like a cannonball with a handle is actually one of the oldest strength training tools that's still in use today. Find out about the benefits of Kettlebell training.

10 Healthy Ways to Boost your Fitness Level

10 Healthy Ways to Boost your Fitness Level

If improving your fitness is at the top of your to-do list this year, read these top 10 ways to boost your fitness level.

The Aerobic-Strength Balance

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper discusses why both aerobics (endurance) and strength training should be a part of every person's fitness program - and aerobic exercise should constitute at least 50 percent of a weekly workout schedule, no matter your age.

Balance Ball Core Strength Training With the BOSU Training Ball

It is half ball, half board and one of our favorite tools to use for balance exercises.

Men vs. Women - Different Fitness Programs for Different Genders

Fitness opportunities can be similar and different for both men and women. Learn about the specifics when it comes to fitness programs for the genders.

Benefits of Resistance Training for Youth and Adolescents

Benefits of Resistance Training for Youth and Adolescents

It is important that our youth are exposed to a variety of activities that will enhance all the components of physical fitness. Learn more about one of these key components, resistance training.

Why Circuit Training Offers the Best Boost to Overall Fitness

Learn why circuit training might be a great addition to your fitness routine.

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