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Health and Mental Benefits of Youth Basketball Training for Kids

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Cooper Fitness Center Basketball Pro, Coleman Crawford lends his expertise when it comes to youth basketball. If your children are interested in the sport, read these common questions and answers from the expert.

Q. At what age is it appropriate to start getting extra training help for your kids?

A.  The most important aspect of basketball development for young people is to learn the correct techniques. The development of good habits is very important in learning how to play the game and become fundamentally sound.  Starting at the 5-6 year-old range can help develop good technique in the areas of ball handling, passing and shooting. Using the correct size ball and height of the goal is also important. Becoming fundamentally sound is the most important aspect of development as a basketball player. The second most important factor is to develop enjoyment of the game.

Q. What are the techniques and skills that kids should be learning at different age ranges?

A. The ultimate goal in learning the game of basketball is to become fundamentally sound, understand the rules of the game, and incorporate speed and strength training to maximize athletic ability.

  • Ages 6-10:  The basic fundamentals of, passing, shooting and understanding the rules of the game become very important in the growth of the player.

  • Ages 11-13: Learning advanced techniques of ball handling, passing, shooting and defense are important aspects of development. Using both hands in ball handling and developing the weak hand in shooting lay-ups is imperative. Incorporating these techniques in a 5 on 5 setting is crucial as a player looks to play competitively and make a junior high or middle school team.

  • Ages 14-18: Developing a skill set that will allow the player to enjoy success on a varsity, junior varsity, or freshman team. At this level working to eliminate weaknesses in the game becomes critical. Great fundamentals, maximizing athletic ability, and showing the ability to play within a team setting are also crucial at this stage of development. Creating a competitive edge gives the player an advantage.

Q. What should parents and kids do to prepare for basketball tryouts?

A. Tryouts provide an opportunity to display skills and be evaluated within the group. It is very important to plan ahead in relations to tryouts. Since skills are developed over a period of time, being fundamentally sound in ball handling, passing, and shooting will give the player an edge in tryouts. The ability to incorporate these skills in a 5 on 5 setting as well as understanding the rules of the game are important, as well as understanding defensive techniques and being competitive. Limited practice time before tryouts makes it that much more important to be ready and prepared for the tryout. Also, the player should be in strong physical condition so that fatigue does not lead to injuries or mistakes that would decrease chances for making the team. The ultimate goal of tryouts is to become a part of the team and then establish your role on the team through practice and games.

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