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The Cooperized E-Newsletter - May 2018

The Cooperized E-newsletter - April 2018

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The Cooperized E-Newsletter - May 2017

The Cooperized E-newsletter - April 2017

The Cooperized E-newsletter - March 2017

The Cooperized E-newsletter - February 2017

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - January 2017

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - November 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - October 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - May 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - January 2016

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 22, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 8, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - November 10, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - October 6, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 22, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 8, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 18, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 4, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 21, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 7, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 23, 2015

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 9, 2015

Men's fitness at midlife reduces cancer risk; Do's and don'ts of lifting weights; Super seeds; Zoo animal supplements; Dr. Cooper's tips to prevent Alzheimer's

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - May 19, 2015

May is Women's Health Month and Skin Cancer Detection Month. Learn about how nutrition helps your skin health, the benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques, women's supplements and the importance of a colorful diet.

The Cooperized E-newsletter - May 6, 2015

May is Women's Health Month. Bad Beauty Tips; Cycling 101; Lettuce-Less Salads; Folic Acid: Fact or Fiction

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 21, 2015

DEXA Scans can be used for body fat composition measurement, yoga as a stress relieving exercise, health-conscious baking and the new and improved Healthy Body Packs.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 7, 2015

Learn more about conditioning for tennis players, green fruits and veggies, the importance of strength training for prevention and supplements to help you sleep.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 17, 2015

How to break bad health habits, how to treat rotator cuff injuries, filling salads, Cooper Complete vitamins.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 3

In this issue learn what to expect at your first dermatology appointment, read about recent research suggesting vitamin D to fight cancer and wish Dr. Kenneth Cooper a happy 84th birthday.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 17

Boost your immunity through diet, exercise and supplementation! Learn the importance of VO2 max and join us on March 2 for the 8th annual Cooper Nutrition Expo.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 3

In this issue celebrate American Heart Month with a heart, healthy oatmeal recipe, functional fitness tips and small adjustments to make for your health from Dr. Tyler Cooper.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - January 20

In this issue read the pros and cons of caffefine, steps to take to prevent bullying and step-by-step directions for our Two-Minute Eggplant Parmesan recipe.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - January 6

In this issue prepare for the New Year, with health and fitness trends, tips to make a healthy habit stick and more.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 16

In this issue manage your top health risks with Cooper Clinic, receive fitness trips for your holiday travel and try a plank exercise to strengthen your back.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 2

In this issue prepare for the holiday season with three tips to better sleep, a delicious and popular breakfast entree and holiday camp activities for the kids.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - November 18

In this issue prepare for the holidays with less sodium in your diet, tips from Cooper Spa for de-stressing and proper vitamin supplementation for the cold weather season.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - November 4

In this issue be inspired to get up from your desk in the office, read about tricky adjectives on nutrition labels in the grocery store and prepare for the holidays with Cooper Spa.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - October 21

In this issue learn why to remove varicose veins for your health, how to prepare for your next run and how to protect your skin with Cooper Complete's Dermatologic Health.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - October 7

In this issue learn about the newest products from Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements and read about why clinical trials shouldn't be your last resort from the CEO of The Cooper Institute.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 16

In this issue fight back pain with the practice of yoga, support your athlete's immune system with proper supplementation and see Cooper Fitness Center's NEW Fall Youth Program Guide.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 2

In this issue learn about how to assess your mobility at Cooper Clinic, exercise with sandbells at Cooper Fitness Center and why whole grains are essential to your diet.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 19

In this issue read about pain-fighting foods and exercises, try a tasty salmon recipe and hear about the newly-announced President and CEO of Cooper Aerobics, Dr. Tyler Cooper.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 5

In this issue Cooper Clinic Cardiologist comments on the recent allegations of desk jobs increasing risk of heart disease, learn about functional training to maximize time at the gym and try a new on-the-go snack recipe for the busiest of days.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 15

In this issue learn quick tips from Cooper Clinic Dermatologist to take care of your skin, recover from your workout with the foam roller and take a sneak peek into weddings at Cooper Hotel.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 1

In this issue read about benefits to staying hydrated, change up your cooking oil with recommendations from Cooper Clinic dietitians and sleep well with melatonin supplements.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 17

In this issue learn the dangers of ingredients in e-cigarettes, try out a few resistance exercises for the pool and watch a video tribute to Dr. Kenneth Cooper, from his son, Dr. Tyler Cooper, from Father's Day.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 3

In this issue watch a video of Drs. Cooper unveiling Cooper Fitness Center after $7.5 million renovation, learn about how vitamins can aid prostate health, pick up a few golf tips and try our Visions of Spain Romesco sauce recipe.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 20

In this issue hear from Dr. Cooper about recent controversy of physicians over-diagnosing thyroid cancer, find out why you should pick up Pilates and see a video from our recent collaboration with H-E-B.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - May 6

In this issue celebrate Mother's Day with Cooper Spa, read about the health-boosting benefits of your favorite berry and top it with key lime sauce recipe for dessert.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 15

In this issue read about new studies on vitamin D, watch a simple Bender Barre exercise to strengthen your core and learn the health benefits that spices can bring to your kitchen.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 1

In this issue take charge of stress in the workplace, learn about the benefits of herbal teas and about the services Cooper Consulting Partners offers in honor of Stress Awareness Month.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 18

In this issue learn how to purchase the right shoe for you, how omega-3 can help lower your blood pressure and try a new spring recipe with pineapple on the grill.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 4

In this issue, celebrate Dr. Cooper's birthday, learn the new guidelines for sunscreen, receive tips on aerobics tennis and try our spicy kiwi salsa recipe.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 18

Continuting to celebrate American Heart Month, this issue of The Cooperized is filled with heart healthy tips. Learn how to improve Your heart health in 15 minutes with Tabata training, read about common heart health myths and get tips to make your favorite slow-cooker meal delicious and nutritious.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 4

In this issue celebrate American Heart Association's Heart Month with tips on how to eat chocolate sensibly, common heart health myths and see photos to our newly-renovated Fitness Center.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - January 21

In this issue read about personalized prevention, try three exercise moves to break up your work day and test out our Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower recipe.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - January 7

In this issue learn how to get the most out of your flu shot this season, how to round out your workout, and read Dr. Cooper's response to recent vitamin studies in the news.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 17

In this issue learn what may be causing your fatigue, how to make your New Year's resolution a lifestyle, how to keep those hot holiday drinks healthy and much more.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 3

In this issue get tips on how to winterize your skin,choose a personal trainer, take charge of stress and much more.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - November 19

In this issue learn how to burn calories with everyday movement, keep diabetes in check with exercise and take care of your skin with vitamins.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - November 5

In this issue, learn how to identify the common symptoms of heart disease, blast calories with a jump rope, eat light at night and more.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - October 1

In this issue read about the importance of changing up your workout, watch a video of three exercises from barre class and try our orange cinnamon french toast recipe.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 17

In this issue learn how to age well, understand the benefits of running shoes, make a meatless meal and get tips on how to supplement your diet properly.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 3

In this issue read how to improve your core with yoga, live healthier with wholegrains and learn the pros and cons of omega q plus resveratrol.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 20

In this issue read how to boost your immune system, improve your tennis game and how to decipher complicated food label terminology.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 6

In this issue learn how to determine if you have inflammation with the C-Reactive Protein Test, how to run smarter, what foods to eat to fight cancer and how to get the most out of your vitamins.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 16

In this issue find out how and why to stay hydrated this summer, six steps to manage midday hunger, Cooper Complete's new product for athletes and a demonstration to the fundamentals of swimming.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 2

In this issue learn the ideal body fat composition for yourself, great ways to incorporate fruits and veggies on Fourth of July, common supplement misconceptions and proper form during interval training.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 18

In this issue read about the five most common digestive problems, how to eat well on vacation, new research on preventing Alzheimer's Disease and a workout to relieve back and neck pain.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 4

In this issue read about the most important preventive tests for men, find out if juicing is healthy, discover if you're getting enough calcium and try an EDT workout.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - May 21

In this issue read how to prevent osteoporosis, learn the facts about Celiac Disease, get your family moving this summer and find out how athletes can improve their vision through supplementation.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 16

In this issue, learn how to prevent seasonal allergies, get 10 strengthening exercises for your legs, read why healthy food is a better deal than junk food and more.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 2

In this issue, read how to manage your stress to improve your health, learn 12 tips to clean fruits and veggies, start a new walking program and find out if you should take vitamin D and calcium.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 19

In this issue, discover healthy eating strategies to fit your lifestyle, learn how to incorporate isometric training into your workout and find out how supplements are formulated.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 5

March marks the 45th anniversary of Aerobics, Dr. Cooper's first book and the word that changed the world. In this issue, learn about the benefits of aerobic exercise and why it is more important than ever.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 19

American Heart Month is the perfect time of year to show your heart some love! From heart-healthy substitutions to the dangers of high blood pressure, find out how you can continue your journey to build a strong, healthy heart.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 5

February is American Heart Month and Cooper Aerobics is Going Red to support the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke. In this issue you'll find tips to prevent heart disease and improve your heart health.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - January 22

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - January 8

Ring in the New Year right! Learn how to improve your health in 2013 by incorporating new nutrition, fitness and stress management tips.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 18

In this issue, learn how to stay lean through the holidays, prepare for winter workouts, set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the New Year and more.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - December 4

In this issue, learn the benefits of interval training, the theory behind sequential eating, how to host a stress-free holiday party and more.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - November 20

The holidays are upon us! This issue focuses on everything you need to enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - November 6

In honor of American Diabetes Month, this issue covers the steps you can take to prevent and manage diabetes.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - October 16

In this issue, learn how to beat the odds of breast cancer, improve your golf game, fight food addictions and more!

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - October 2

In honor of Worksite Wellness Month, this issue covers how you can increase your fitness level, make nutritious choices and improve your overall state of health as a busy professional.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 18

Celebrate the autumn season by learning about the benefits of midlife fitness, conquering the “sick” season, wholegrains, managing your stress and sources for omega-3 fatty acids.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - September 4

In this issue, learn about the benefits of understanding your resting metabolic rate, how to Cooperize your nutrition plan, relieving muscle tension and more!

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 21

The first day of school is just around the corner! In this issue, you’ll learn how to ease into the back-to-school transition with advice from Cooper experts on eating healthy, staying active and relieving stress.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - August 7

We can't believe it's already back-to-school season! Read about how to keep your kids healthy, whether they're at school or at home.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 17

This issue highlights the lifestyle of elite athletes. In honor of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics, our experts discuss everything from training to nutrition when it comes to the top level of fitness.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - July 3

In this issue, learn about common digestive disorders, ways to exercise in the water, healthy BBQ, stretching for health and stress management and the facts and stats on vitamin D.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 19

Now that summer is here, are you in need of a midsection makeover? In this issue learn about core exercises, a brand new online program, healthy restaurant tips, headaches and omega-3.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - June 5

In this issue, learn all about the importance of a treadmill stress test, how to bring fun and fitness home for kids, healthy ballpark choices, family meetings and remembering your vitamins.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - May 15

Warmer weather means it's time to heat up the grill. Learn about healthy grilling, exercise for arthritis, women's health, aromatherapy and our newest product, Iron.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - May 1

Summer is on it's way and we've got the scoop on new sunscreen regulations. Also, read about the benefits of Pilates, creating a colorful and healthy salad, how your body handles physical aspects of stress and the impacts of vitamin D.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 17

Do you have questions about colon cancer or colonoscopy screenings? We've got the answers from an expert. Also in this issue: learn all about boot camp for fitness, why you should get a healthy breakfast each day, how to manage workplace stress and omega-3 shopping. You'll also love the Blueberry Bran Muffins!

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - April 3

In this issue: We've got the insight on how alcohol affects your health, the most beneficial ways to walk, the good, bad and ugly of fats and proper supplementation to improve your eye health.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 20

Having just turned 81 years of age, Dr. Cooper shares his advice for healthy aging. You'll also learn how basketball benefits your health, see which simple massage trigger points can help you de-stress and find out if you should be taking Lysine.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - March 6

In this week's issue: Exercise Consultations 101, Beat Stress with Nutrition, Get into Spring Break Shape, Beat Stress with Nutrition and Your Brain Loves Omega-3.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 21

Learn more about how to keep a healthy family, strength train for your heart, and manage hypertension with nutrition and make your relationships stress-free. We also introduce the latest products in our Cooper Complete line of natural supplements, melatonin.

The Cooperized E-Newsletter - February 7

In honor of American Heart Month, this issue of The Cooperized is filled with heart healthy tips including cardiovascular exercise, a low-cholesterol diet, stress reducers and heart-healthy vitamins.