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Hoop It Up for Fitness at Cooper

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Hoop It Up for Fitness at Cooper

If you're looking for a new and fun way to get fit and stay in shape, basketball may be the perfect solution. Grab some friends and head to the basketball court for a great workout. Cooper Fitness Center Basketball Pro, Coleman Crawford shares why basketball is a great sport for fitness and fun.

No matter what age or skill level, basketball is a sport that can be played throughout life as a fun and interactive way to stay in shape. As an adult, the sport provides beneficial cardiovascular fitness and teamwork. Playing basketball as a child increases athleticism improving strength, skill, speed and flexibility as well as promoting teamwork.

Not only is basketball a fun sport to play with friends, it's a great workout. Your heart especially benefits from running up and down the court, constantly starting, stopping, running and jumping. When you play, your heart level should be up and your muscles consistently working.

Basketball is a perfect sport to utilize all muscle groups. Individual muscle groups work together to stabilize and control particular joint movements.

Upper-Body Benefits
As you shoot, rebound and hold defensive stances, you are working your arms and upper body. When it comes to exercising to help build upper-body strength for basketball, include weight training in your fitness routine. Always stretch after lifting weights to eliminate tightness in your muscles.

Core Benefits
You utilize your core for almost every movement your body makes. During basketball, your core is always engaged, and a stronger core makes for a more explosive game. During your regular fitness routine, engage your core muscles for every exercise and make sure to focus on specific core exercises as well.

Lower-Body Benefits
Both offensive and defensive parts of the basketball game work your lower body. Muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves all work together to help you start, stop, run and jump during basketball. Making sure these muscles are strong and efficient is crucial to a successful and safe game. Squats, bench presses and other lower-body exercises will build muscle strength beneficial to basketball.

Take an opportunity to bring some friends to your local basketball court for an exciting and beneficial game. If you're a Cooper Fitness Center member, call us to reserve the basketball court. You'll receive an enormous workout for your heart and muscles.

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