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Facts About Fitness Boot Camps and Which Is Best For You

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Facts About Fitness Boot Camps and Which Is Best For You

Have you ever participated in a fitness boot camp? While there are many benefits of boot camp, especially for your fitness level, there are some things to consider before embarking on this new craze.

Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer, David Williams, discusses why boot camp is a great way to get in shape and what you should know before starting the journey.

What is Boot Camp?
Based on a reference to military recruitment training, boot camp is a way to get in shape by incorporating cardiovascular work, strength training, endurance and flexibility all into one workout. Boot camp is made to practice high-intensity interval training (or HIIT) during workouts which alternate periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.

Boot camp classes are usually offered for one hour most days of the week. Though the class might be offered every day, it’s important to give your body a rest between days to ensure safety and health.

Health Benefits
Boot camp is a great way to get in shape if you like high-intensity training. One of the best benefits is the metabolic effects your body will receive after a boot camp class. Your metabolism will stay increased for an average of three to eight hours after class!

Another advantage to boot camp is the team effort and camaraderie. Many people have better workout sessions with a friend or in a group exercise class. Boot camp is no different. The competitive and motivating spirit during boot camp, as well as the sense of accomplishment afterward, is a big draw for individuals looking to start a program.

Need to Know
While boot camp might sound like a perfect fit for your fitness routine, there are a few things to consider before joining a program.

It’s a good idea to determine your fitness level and ability before starting boot camp by getting a functional screening test at your gym or from a professional fitness trainer. This will ensure your abilities to move and train correctly during boot camp.

The best way to prepare for a boot camp session is to practice about eight weeks of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training before starting. Also remember that when you do start a boot camp, go at your own pace to avoid injury.

If you have already started a boot camp session or program it’s critical to hydrate accordingly before class. Try to drink about 20 oz. of water an hour before class, 20 oz. during class and 20 oz. after class. It’s also important that you’re consuming the right foods around class time. Try snacking on something with a good protein, fat and carbohydrate balance both before and after class. A great option is apple slices with peanut butter.

The most important thing to remember about boot camp is to have fun! It’s a great program to bring friends along or meet new friends and get motivated to get fit!

Cooper Fitness Center offers boot camp through May on the south lawn for members. Classes are offered Monday through Thursday and Saturday. If you’re interested in becoming a member at Cooper Fitness Center, click here or call 972.233.4832.