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Kettlebells Deliver Conditioning Benefits to Your Training Regime

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Kettlebells date back to 1704 and are one of the oldest strength training tools still in use today. In the early days, they were primarily used by the strongmen of Russia. Kettlebell's look like a cannonball with a protruding handle. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer, Laura Alton, PT, shares the fitness benefits of kettlebells.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training
Despite the massive evolution in strength and conditioning equipment, the results delivered by kettlebells are undeniable. It is argued that there is not a single piece of equipment that develops muscular strength better than the kettlebell. It delivers the extreme all-around fitness that Americans crunched for time have long desired in a fitness regimen.

Through the design of a thick handle, unbalanced center of mass, and compact design, a kettlebell trains the body through a process of stability, resistance, functionality, and versatility. This removes the need for barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, grip devices, and some cardio equipment. The dynamic loading performance executed during kettlebell training develops the hip thrust unlike any other training tools. It requires you to perform traditional, full-body movements. Whether you want to jump higher, kick or punch harder, or run faster developing the hip thrust is key to your success.

With the implementation of kettlebells in your fitness program, your training becomes more functional and therefore more useful in your day-to-day movement and sport-specific movements. This type of training helps the body learn to work as one unit–each part linked to one another. Involving multiple muscle groups at once, kettlebell training grants noticeable changes in the body more quickly than traditional isolated movements. Benefits range from adding more strength without the added bulk to providing mobility and range of motion improvement, which leads to fewer injuries.

Kettlebell training can get you in the best shape of your life.

Kettlebell Training Program at Cooper Fitness Center – Dallas
When beginning a new kettlebell regimen it is important to train with a certified kettlebell trainer. This type of exercise requires body awareness and is different than most people’s current fitness program. Without the proper teaching of form and alignment, you could injure your joints, back, and neck.

Laura is a Russian kettlebell certified instructor at Cooper Fitness Center. She provides small group and one-on-one training. Whether you want to improve your overall strength or acquire a more muscular definition, the benefits of kettlebell training are ideal for women and men, both young and old.

For more information on personal training at Cooper Fitness Center or to schedule a session with a professional fitness trainer, visit or call 972.233.4832.