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Muscle Building, Flexibility and Discipline with Martial Arts

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Asian methods of exercise and meditation have come a long way through history. Various forms of martial arts training are perfect for easing the mind and building muscle. If you happen to be stuck with a boring workout routine and looking to try something new, martial arts could be the perfect choice.

Cooper Fitness Center Martial Arts Professional, Mike Proctor knows a thing or two about the benefits of this unique exercise. With more than 40 years of experience under his belt – not to mention a ninth degree black belt – Mike understands the Asian tradition to its core. He welcomes new participants to his classes for a one-of a kind experience.

“There are three things everyone should know how to do,” explains Mike. “You should be able to read, swim, and fight – these are essential for your survival needs.”

Mike explains the difference between the two and the health benefits of practicing the art.

Tai Chi
Originating from China thousands of years ago, Tai Chi is performed with flowing, rhythmic movements. Adopted as a soft-style form of martial arts, Tai Chi focuses heavily on breathing and the slow duration of movements. You perform a series of postures/movements in a slow, fluid manner. Each posture flows into the next without pause, making certain your body is in constant motion.

This exercise offers extensive mental benefits such as meditation and relaxation – perfect as a stress reliever. Physically, Tai Chi works on strength, balance, and flexibility. The movements are similar to yoga or Pilates, but with Tai Chi, you utilize your body as resistance training and not a machine.

Karate originated in Japan as a practice of unarmed self-defense. This exercise is a hard-style form of martial arts as it creates rapid movements and can be a great cardiovascular workout. Movements such as strikes, blocks, and kicks are used during Karate.

Karate focuses on strength, balance, and flexibility just as Tai Chi, but it also adds an aerobic (fast) component. It is sometimes known as rapid grappling, or wrestling. One of the greatest mental components to Karate is the ability to learn self-discipline. Mike notes that the exercise is perfect for children or young adults needing to find balance and focus in life.

Cooper Fitness Center offers these martial arts classes instructed by Mike Proctor as well as self-defense, Jujitsu, Dobudo, and kickboxing. Mike explains that martial arts is perfect for any beginners as well as families. With the weather cooling down outside, it’s a perfect opportunity for your and your family to try a new form of fitness inside.

For more information on Tai Chi or Karate at Cooper Fitness Center, click here or call 972.233.4832.