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At Cooper Aerobics we challenge people to Get Cooperized™ by adopting a healthy living mindset to live better both sooner and later. The Cooperized lifestyle consists of eight healthy steps, developed by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper.

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Practice Makes Healthy, Not Perfect

Practice Makes Healthy, Not Perfect

Experts say it only takes 21 days to break a bad habit but 66 days to form a healthy one. Cooper Clinic Preventive Medicine Physician Carolyn Terry, MD, shares how to choose good health each day to build a healthier lifestyle.

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Negative Tolls Chronic Stress Can Have on Your Health

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Managing stress is a crucial step to Get Cooperized and lead a healthy life.

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At-Home for the Holidays

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With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, finding time to exercise can be tricky. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Louie Herrera explains how to get the most of a 30-minute at-home workout without sacrificing quality.

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At-Home Circuit: 7 Basic Moves

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Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Joshua Cuellas demonstrates how to effectively incoporate seven basic movement patterns for a quality at-home workout.

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No Holiday Leftovers Left Behind

No Holiday Leftovers Left Behind

This holiday season, don't let your leftovers go to waste! Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services provides creative ways to transform your holiday leftovers into meals you'll love to eat a second time around.

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Doctor's Orders: Daily Supplements

Knowing your numbers is essential to good health. Cooper Clinic President and CEO and Preventive Medicine Physician Camron Nelson, MD, shares three key vitamin levels measured at Cooper Clinic and why he recommends them to his patients.

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Nancy D.

Cooper Weight Loss taught me the importance of eating a balanced diet—it's not just about keeping the calories low—and the importance of movement. I’ve lost double my original weight loss goal and have kept it off.