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Staying Active and Healthy Throughout Your Spring Break Fun

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Staying Active and Healthy Throughout Your Spring Break Fun

Spring break is just around the corner. Have you been falling behind on your workout routine? Are you anticipating a fun-in-the-sun spring break vacation that your body isn't quite ready for?

Follow these fitness tips and get your body ready for spring break in a snap.

Full Body Moves

When on a time crunch for exercise, full-body workouts are the best way to go. These exercises include your upper body, lower body and core. Doing these exercises will not only increase your heart rate and help you to burn more calories, they are more efficient and time-conscious.

Exercises to Try:

Here are a few full-body exercises that work more than one specific muscle, thus giving you a more adequate workout.

  • Push-ups - This simple exercise works your total body, especially your arms and core.

  • Squat to Jump with medicine ball - An easy way to incorporate some cardio into your fitness routine is to squat with a medicine ball, throw the ball up and out as hard as you can and run to catch up with the ball before it's second bounce. You're getting strength training and cardio in one workout.

  • One-Leg Dead Lift with Kettle Bell - Balance on one leg, bend at your waist with the other leg parallel to the ground and pull up your dumbbell with the opposite arm from the standing leg. This exercise improves posture, balance, core and coordination.

  • Plank - Any modification of a plank is a perfect exercise for your entire body. Remember to keep your back in a neutral position to avoid strain.

During Vacation

It's important to have some variation of a fitness routine even while on vacation. This doesn't mean you need to workout every day-unless, of course, you wish to do so. Whether you're vacationing with family or friends, follow these simple tips or rules to make sure you stay on your fitness track:

  • Carry bands - Exercise bands are a perfect addition to your suitcase as they're lightweight, easy to pack and very inexpensive. Use them in your hotel room with your own body for resistance or try shutting them in a door to use like a cable at the gym.

  • Talk to your hotel - Nowadays many hotels have included state-of-the-art gyms and some are even incorporating treadmills into their rooms. If this is something you're interested in, ask the hotel before arrival to make sure your needs are met.

  • Always walk - As often as you can, walk to your various activities or destinations while on vacation. If you're visiting a beach, what a perfect place to take a stroll a few times a day!

  • Involve your kids - Many families are traveling over spring break. If possible, try activities that incorporate both fitness and fun. For example, swim! If there is a pool at the hotel or destination, swimming is a great exercise.

  • Rest - Make sure you are getting enough rest during your vacation. It's perfectly fine to have a few late nights but staying up each night will throw off your fitness routine when you get back home.

With these suggestions in mind, you're sure to have a successful spring break vacation! Happy traveling!

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