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Balance Ball Core Strength Training With the BOSU Training Ball

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If you have been to the gym recently, you might have noticed that strange looking piece of equipment in the shape of half a ball. The ball, The BOSU balance trainer, is short for “Both Sides Up” because each side may be used for strength training. When used correctly, it can help you significantly improve balance, core strength, and stability.

What is the BOSU and how do you use it?
The BOSU balance trainer is a multipurpose piece of exercise equipment that may be used on either side. One side looks like half of a stability ball, while the other side is a flat platform used for balancing and stability training.

While a regular stability ball is not shaped for standing, the BOSU allows you to stand on either side all while practicing posture and balance, giving a great core workout as well.  Both sides of the BOSU provide an unstable surface that will challenge your body.

As a beginner, it is important to build up a good core stabilization base, so keep at it and you’ll become more comfortable and coordinated on the BOSU. (Hint: use a wall, ledge, or workout partner to spot yourself) 

Exercise techniques using the BOSU
While the BOSU is primarily used for stability training, it serves as a platform for dozens of exercises resulting in a total-body workout. You can even use the BOSU to warm up your body doing squats, lunges, or jogging in place.

Want to notch up your typical workout? Try these with a BOSU ball:

Lower-body training

  • Squat jumps

  • Power lunges

  • Hip extensions

Upper-body training

  • Push-ups

  • Back extensions

  • One-armed rows

The core could be considered the most important stability center for your body. The BOSU provides a great core workout where you can do full crunches and planks. Just balancing on the BOSU utilizes the core; therefore it should always be working.

Next time you decide to hit the gym for strength training, try out the BOSU for a unique approach to strength training and cardio exercise.

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