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Fitness is a vital sign™ of health. CooperFit™ cardiovascular fitness test is an effective way to reliably and consistently measure your level of fitness, which is scientifically proven in tested populations to correlate to the quality and quantity of your life.

What is a CooperFit cardiovascular fitness test?

Performed at Cooper Clinic in Dallas, the CooperFit test consists of walking for one mile or running for 12 minutes on a treadmill while wearing a heart rate monitor. Your current level of exercise or lack of exercise determines which test is best for you. A CooperFit professional monitors your performance and measures your predicted max VO2—the body's ability to consume oxygen (aerobic capacity).

Your performance result places you into one of six categories of fitness (below) and a percentile ranking from 1% to 100%.

Fitness levels - Very Poor (0-19 percent) to Superior (95-100 percent)

The results are specific to your gender and age in five-year segments and are based on the 326,000 collective treadmill stress test records from Cooper Clinic.

CooperFit testing room with treadmill
CooperFit Test Room at Cooper Clinic in Dallas

Being out of the Very Poor and Poor fitness categories can provide*:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Decreased risk of chronic disease such as heart disease and cancer
  • Decreased risk of dementia and later-life depression
  • Decreased health care costs

*Research from the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study

A Plan to Improve Your Fitness
Upon completing the CooperFit test, you receive a coaching session to review your fitness results and, as necessary, an individualized, Cooper-developed walking program.

Scheduling Your CooperFit Test
To help you best manage your health, please confer with your doctor prior to completing the CooperFit cardiovascular fitness test.

More Information
For questions or additional information, read the Frequently Asked Questions about CooperFit or contact Kameron Espinoza, CooperFit Manager:

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