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The Future of Wellness Since 1970.

Cooper Aerobics has been helping improve the quality and quantity of millions of lives through prevention since 1970.

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Want to improve your health to increase your productivity? It’s all about prevention. In less than a day, Cooper Clinic in Dallas provides private patients and executives an individualized, in-depth picture of their health and an action plan to improve it.

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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Looking for a personal health and fitness program that fits you? It’s all about your interests, your lifestyle, your schedule—we make getting fit fabulous and healthy weight loss attainable. With a healthy and fit body, you are Beautiful Fit.

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Lifestyle & Learning

Lifestyle & Learning

Need to rest and recharge? Our boutique hotel with resort amenities will leave you fully refreshed. We believe if people are your greatest asset, healthier people are invaluable.

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Are you fueling your body properly? Dive into the core principles of healthier living with one-on-one nutrition coaching, recommended supplements and individualized healthy eating programs tailored to your daily routine.