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Professional Training

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All of the best experts available to provide you Professional Training in their areas. We have the leading minds in the industry all working to help you meet your health goals in these four categories:

  • Fitness - This is our group of Professional Fitness Trainers all degreed, certified and educated above and beyond the industry standards. Request a Personal Training Session
  • Sports - Our Sports Pros offer boxing, martial arts and tennis instruction for improved skills and fitness.

    Coached by a certified Golf Fitness Specialist, golf performance training is also available.
  • Muscle Activation Techniques® - Our certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialists get to the root of limited motion, joint pain and muscular imbalances by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness.
  • Pilates - Our team of certified Pilates instructors provide private and duo sessions plus specialized sessions for pre-natal women.
  • Nutrition & Wellness - Our Nutrition and Wellness Pros can help you with healthy eating, goal setting, overcoming barriers and discovering the tools to make success achievable.

Work with one or several of our experts for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Rates and availability are determined individually by each Professional.