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Congratulations to our 2022 Member Awards recipients!

Hats off to these healthy role models for their commitment to health and fitness.

Watch our 2022 Member Awards Video below to hear our recipients' journeys to health and fitness.


Abel and Marcie Leal - Mr. and Mrs. Aerobics

Abel and Marcie Leal

Abel and Marcie began 2022 with a commitment to improve their health and change their eating habits. Fellow members say their physical transformation—credited to exercise and eating well—allowed Abel and Marcie to share their health and fitness journey with co-workers, fellow church members, friends and others. They walk the walk!

Cooper Stuart - Male of the Year

Cooper Stuart

Affectionately known at CFC as Mayor Cooper, Cooper Stuart is helpful, kind and committed to leading a healthy, active life. The nominations for Cooper included comments such as “He is always positive and after spin class he is the first to bring cleaning towels to everyone in the class;” and “He is friendly, offers greetings to all, helps with equipment and encourages others.”

Brittany Dancer, Female of the Year

Brittany Dancer

Brittany is a busy mom of two young boys. While she always prioritizes her family first, Brittany is committed to constantly improving her mind and body and performing to the best of her ability. She is an avid member of the Cooper tennis community, playing several times a week and even coordinating tennis events/lessons at the Cooper courts. Brittany enjoys connecting and supporting others within the fitness community and is a great role model for her family and friends.

Joe Goyne, Classic of the Year

Joe Goyne

A Cooper Fitness Center member since 1975, Joe begins most days at the Fitness Center exercising before putting in a full day’s work as the CEO of Pegasus Bank. He varies his workouts from the weight area to classes to swimming. Nominated by a fellow member, “Joe always puts in a good word for Cooper Fitness Center. He has been a member since the beginning (or close to the beginning). He knows so many of the members because he is always friendly and interested in meeting others. He is super energetic…and I believe his dedication to fitness is one of the reasons he is still going so strong.” His dedication to fitness and good health and his loyalty to Cooper are an inspiration!

Jim Schwab, Most Improved

Jim Schwab

Through consistent exercise, a healthy diet and a positive attitude, Jim Schwab is dedicated to improving his physical health. A member since 2017, Jim inspires fellow members to give their best. After recovering from a medical issue, Jim returned to the gym and continually gives his all to rebuild muscle and strengthen his body. A member who nominated Jim ended their nomination remarks with “He is absolutely amazing.”

Ruth Ann Johnstone, Cooper Quest Champion

Ruth Ann Johnstone

A member since 2006, Ruth Ann Johnstone was introduced to Cooper Fitness Center through our Female Focus program. She has since become a regular face in the club taking group exercise and Small Group Training classes, walking on the track, swimming in the pool and more. She is also active in our Cooper Quest® member wellness program and models what she learns. She even takes notes and shares them with fellow members who were unable to attend. Ruth Ann leads by example and encourages us all to be active in our fitness journey.

Magriet Cordero, Youth of the Year

Magriet Cordero

From toddling in the Cooperized Kidz childcare area to now working out daily at Cooper Fitness Center, Magriet has grown up at Cooper. She prioritizes her health and has worked to improve her eating habits and lifestyle. Magriet has worked as a Cooper summer camp counselor, helping teach kids the importance of health and fitness and showing them how much fun being active can be. A staff member who nominated Magriet concluded her comments about Magriet saying “Such a beautiful soul.”




  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: David and Rebecca Glover
  • Male of the Year: Paul Armour
  • Female of the Year: Stephanie Rash
  • Classic of the Year: Gay Gilmore
  • Most Improved: Dorothy "Boots" Lee
  • Cooper Quest® Champion: Suzanne Bibb
  • Youth of the Year: Larkyn Dendy


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Michael and Melinda Spence
  • Male of the Year: Bill Stobaugh
  • Female of the Year: Kim Winblood
  • Classic of the Year: Ray Rak
  • Most Improved: Mark Dietz
  • Cooper Quest® Champion: Shareese Rowland
  • Youth of the Year: Cannon Henstorf


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: David and Elizabeth Beshear
  • Male of the Year: Norm Grail
  • Female of the Year: Rebecca Gum
  • Classic of the Year: Bill Bond
  • Most Improved: Reed Sonsteby
  • Cooper Quest® Champion: Jody Dodson
  • Youth of the Year: Nicolas Gholi


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Finley and Lauren Ledbetter
  • Male of the Year: Bruce Graham
  • Female of the Year: Jan Woerner
  • Classic of the Year: Walt Coughlin
  • Most Improved: Michael Shriro
  • Cooper Quest® Champion: Julie Wardner
  • Youth of the Year: Weston Schaded

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