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2022 Member Awards Nominations

Do you know a member who inspires and motivates through their dedication to health and fitness? Nominate them for our 2022 Member Awards.

These individuals should:

  1. Embody a lifestyle of personal wellness incorporating fitness and proper nutrition into their daily habits.
  2. Serve as an ambassador of Cooper Fitness Center by encouraging those around them to embark on their own journey of personal wellness.
  3. Be a role model to others and active in their community.

Nominations are due Monday, October 31.


Congratulations to our 2021 Member Awards recipients!

Hats off to these healthy role models for their commitment to health and fitness.

Watch our 2021 Member Awards Video below to hear our recipients' journeys to health and fitness.


David and Rebecca Glover - Mr. and Mrs. Aerobics

David and Rebecca Glover

Nominated by Director of Fitness Mary Edwards, she says David and Rebecca are truly committed to their individual health and wellness, as well as supporting each other and encouraging this within their family. The Glovers utilize a myriad of our services, and Cooper is their home base for all things health and wellness. David has been a member since 1999 and Rebecca since 2011. David trains with Mary once a week on Wednesday and makes ample use of the fitness floor equipment and new Technogym equipment. Rebecca trains with Mary on Tuesday and Thursday, using the outdoor track, HIIT group exercise class on Wednesday with Marianna and SGT High Intensity some Fridays.

Paul Armour - Male of the Year

Paul Armour

Not only is Paul an avid user of our fitness floor and cycle classes in the morning, he works to transfer everything he does in the club to provide him more strength, power and stability on the water as he water skis. With his water ski competitions, he was named Jump Champion (age group based) in 2009, 2020 and 2021. In 2021, after winning the Overall Nationals Champion, Paul participated in the 2021 Pan American Water Ski Championships in Boca Laguna, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. Team USA won first place and Paul’s individual achievements include 1st place, Jump (65+); 1st place, Trick (65+); 2nd place, Slalom (65+); and 1st place, Overall for 65+. Paul was nominated by his trainer, Director of Fitness Mary Edwards, who praises his work ethic and consistency as second to none.

Stephanie Rash, Female of the Year

Stephanie Rash

Stephanie participates regularly in virtual SGT training, Pilates mat or reformer classes and Dallas Dance. She is consistent with a variety of exercise, even while on vacation. Nominated by fellow member, Bill Stobaugh, Stephanie is known for encouraging other members to keep up with their Myzone activity and join her in group exercise classes as she's persuaded him to try Dallas Dance, too.

Gay Gilmore, Classic of the Year

Gay Gilmore

Nominated by fellow member, Jane Tustin, Gay is committed to living a healthy life. Gay was diagnosed with Parkinsonism around 2014 and has continued to be a model of patience, perseverance and professionalism. She participates regularly in the Classics Pilates classes and consistently follows her own specific exercise routine. You can find her walking the track about 8 a.m. daily!

As a founding member, she continues her support and involvement with the Parkinson Voice Project. Gay has educated her friends regarding signs and symptoms and challenges of Parkinsonism, and even recruits them for fundraising projects and events to benefit the cause.

Dorothy Lee, Most Improved

Dorothy "Boots" Lee

Nominated by her daughter-in-law, Rebecca Long Gum, Boots has taken charge of her health the last year, combining working with her doctor and a nutritionist, following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, resulting in a major transformation. Boots participates in water aerobics classes and enjoys walking the track, working up from the 1/4-mile loop to the mile and beyond. With her dedication to a healthier lifestyle, she has lost weight and has more energy than ever. When people ask about her transformation she credits the combination of three factors—doctor, nutrition and her workouts at Cooper—as the catalysts for change. Boots is an encouragement to us all to continue to stay healthy and strong as we age!

Suzanne Bibb, Cooper Quest Champion

Suzanne Bibb

A Cooper Fitness Center member for seven years, Suzanne is one of the first participants to sign up for the Cooper Quest assessments. She doesn't miss an assessment or challenge and is constantly recruiting friends at Cooper Fitness Center to participate with her. She is extremely dedicated to her own health and fitness and has also encouraged her son and daughter-in-law to join as members. An avid Myzone® user, you'll find Suzanne at the Fitness Center most mornings participating in a variety of group exercise classes from water aerobics to spin to yoga.

Larkyn Dendy, Youth of the Year

Larkyn Dendy

Nominated by Camp and Sports Programs Manager Riley Owles, Larkyn has participated in a variety of Cooper youth programs the past few years. From Summer Tennis Camp to Fit & Fun Camp and Kids in the Kitchen, she is interested in living a healthy and happy life. Larkyn has brought friends to Cooper activities and encourages them to participate with her. She spreads joy and positivity every time she's at Cooper.




  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Michael and Melinda Spence
  • Male of the Year: Bill Stobaugh
  • Female of the Year: Kim Winblood
  • Classic of the Year: Ray Rak
  • Most Improved: Mark Dietz
  • Cooper Quest Champion: Shareese Rowland
  • Youth of the Year: Cannon Henstorf


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: David and Elizabeth Beshear
  • Male of the Year: Norm Grail
  • Female of the Year: Rebecca Gum
  • Classic of the Year: Bill Bond
  • Most Improved: Reed Sonsteby
  • Cooper Quest Champion: Jody Dodson
  • Youth of the Year: Nicolas Gholi


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Finley and Lauren Ledbetter
  • Male of the Year: Bruce Graham
  • Female of the Year: Jan Woerner
  • Classic of the Year: Walt Coughlin
  • Most Improved: Michael Shriro
  • Cooper Quest Champion: Julie Wardner
  • Youth of the Year: Weston Schaded


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Sam and Maria Beys
  • Male of the Year: David Chacon
  • Female of the Year: Diane Feffer
  • Classic of the Year: Joe Neuhoff
  • Most Improved: Dave Chivvis
  • Youth of the Year: Andrew Kline

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