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Cooper Fitness Center Member Awards 2020

Member Awards

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2021 Member Awards Nominations

During this unprecedented time, our members have remained dedicated to their health and fitness. Recognize their dedication by nominating them for our 2021 Member Awards.

These individuals should:

  1. Embody a lifestyle of personal wellness incorporating fitness and proper nutrition into their daily habits.
  2. Serve as an ambassador of Cooper Fitness Center by encouraging those around them to embark on their own journey of personal wellness.
  3. Serve as a role model to others and be active in their community.

Nominations are due Friday, November 19.


Congratulations to our 2020 Member Awards recipients!

Hats off to these healthy role models for their commitment to health and fitness.

Watch our 2020 Member Awards Video below to hear our recipients' journeys to health and fitness.


Michael and Melinda Spence - Mr. and Mrs. Aerobics

Michael and Melinda Spence

"I love that they both work out consistently at Cooper and take classes together. They are joyful, consistent and hardworking and encourage one another as well as friends to join them in a variety of exercises." – Jody Dodson, member

Bill Stobaugh - Male of the Year

Bill Stobaugh

"Bill is an active member of our community even when he's working out from home. Since the shutdown in March 2020, Bill has only missed one class and that was ONLY because he had an appointment for a physical and they told him not to work out before. He joins online SGT classes 3x/week and works out on his own the other 4. One glance at his Myzone stats will show you how hard he is working day in and day out. He crushes the goals he sets and he encourages all of those around him to be better just by being in the same room or on the same screen." – Marianna Clement, SGT and group exercise instructor

Kim Winblood - Female of the Year - with Marianna Clement, SGT and Group Exercise Instructor

Kim Winblood

"Kim is committed to daily exercise and health. She is one of the most all-around healthy women I know—physically, mentally and spiritually. Through our group text, Kim encourages us to come to Cooper and even sets our stuff up in classes. During the quarantine she had me at Cooper walking and investing in how I was doing. She reaches out and keeps up with her friends so well and is intentional and transparent. I am so thankful for her!" – Shareese Rowland, member

Ray Rak, Classic of the Year, with workout partner Debby Dudley

Ray Rak

"Ray exercises most days of the week, eats a healthy diet and receives an annual physical. He is a champion of Myzone by wearing it consistently to monitor his performance during exercise, encouraging other members on the platform, participating in the challenges and setting goals for himself. A CFC member since 1977, Ray is still active in his career and travels often for work. When he is on the road for work, he uses his IHRSA passport to visit other clubs to get in his exercise." – Stephanie Rhodes, CFC Concierge, and Catherine Lindberg, Director of Member Relations

Mark Dietz, Most Improved, with Professional Fitness Trainer Shannon Edwards

Mark Dietz

"Mark was nominated for his commitment to health both before he contracted COVID-19 and after he had been hospitalized and on a ventilator (at least 2 weeks) and returned to Cooper to work out 3 days/week along with meeting the demands of physical and occupational therapy and participation in UTSW research program for survivors. Mark attributed his pre-COVID-19 health and commitment to Cooper to his survival. He is a healthy role model in his openness and willingness to share his story. His positivity, dogged determination to his improving his physical fitness and his commitment to furthering COVID-19 research in his work with UTSW are all reasons why Mark was nominated." – Shannon Edwards, CFC Professional Fitness Trainer, and Julie Wardner, member

Shareese Rowland, Cooper Quest Champion, with Cooper Quest Wellness Manager Jessica Lu

Shareese Rowland

"You could not meet a more uplifting individual! Shareese always comes in with a positive attitude and is ready to work hard. She attends a wide variety of classes such as Pi-Yo-Barre, HIIT and FreeMotion. Shareese actively participates in Cooper Quest programming and can also be found on the tennis courts. In other words, she's everywhere and is COOPERIZED! – Jessica Lu, Cooper Quest Program Manager

Cannon Henstorf, Youth of the Year, with Gavin Raley and Daniel Sanders

Cannon Henstorf

"Cannon has demonstrated commitment to his health by participating in tennis, football and Fit and Fun Camp. Cannon also enjoys baseball, soccer and bike riding to stay active." – Gavin Raley, Program Manager




  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: David and Elizabeth Beshear
  • Male of the Year: Norm Grail
  • Female of the Year: Rebecca Gum
  • Classic of the Year: Bill Bond
  • Most Improved: Reed Sonsteby
  • Cooper Quest Champion: Jody Dodson
  • Youth of the Year: Nicolas Gholi


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Finley and Lauren Ledbetter
  • Male of the Year: Bruce Graham
  • Female of the Year: Jan Woerner
  • Classic of the Year: Walt Coughlin
  • Most Improved: Michael Shriro
  • Cooper Quest Champion: Julie Wardner
  • Youth of the Year: Weston Schaded


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Sam and Maria Beys
  • Male of the Year: David Chacon
  • Female of the Year: Diane Feffer
  • Classic of the Year: Joe Neuhoff
  • Most Improved: Dave Chivvis
  • Youth of the Year: Andrew Kline

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