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Small Group Training

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Get stronger, leaner, healthier—together—in Small Group Training (SGT).

  • Personal attention. Receive individualized programming and instruction based on your fitness goals, from our Professional Fitness Trainers.
  • Variety. Five class types are offered to suit your needs—High Intensity, Strength, Core and Balance, Hybrid and AntiGravity®.
  • Community. Enjoy the accountability and camaraderie of 6 fellow members committed to being fit and healthy.

Experience the results for yourself. Save $5/class with a package or drop in for one class at a time.


NEW! AntiGravity® Classes

Add a new dimension to your fitness routine with SGT AntiGravity® classes.

Suspended in the air safely inside a Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock, you’ll move freely in all directions of open space, strengthening your body and enhancing your mobility and stability. Taught by Carol Voirin, a certified AntiGravity instructor, two types of SGT AntiGravity classes are offered:

  • AntiGravity Fitness classes strengthen and lengthen the body, increase mobility and decompress vertebral discs in the spine
  • AntiGravity Restorative classes gently restore and repair the muscular, structural and nervous systems of the body, incorporating mindful breathing, visualization, muscle awareness and decompression of the spine

Benefits of AntiGravity Training:

  • Increased balance and agility
  • Low-impact cardiovascular conditioning
  • Upper and lower body strengthening
  • Core strengthening
  • Decompression of the vertebral discs in the spine
  • Realignment of the spine
  • Mind and body restoration
  • A creative and artistic fitness experience

Watch this video to see what you'll experience in SGT AntiGravity.

Class Schedule
50-minute classes

AntiGravity Fitness

  • Monday & Wednesday, 5 p.m.
  • Tuesday, 10 a.m.

AntiGravity Restorative

  • Friday, 12 noon

Pricing (member rates)

  • Packages
    • Summer Savings, June 2-July 23: Save 25% on Package of 4 Classes, $120 ($30/class)
    • Regular Pricing ($40/class): 4 classes, $160;  8 classes, $320; 12 classes, $480
  • Drop-In Class: $45

Register on the CFC Member Portal or the CFC Member App.

Non-members, email Mary Edwards to register.

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Four Types of Live Training
Updated July 25, 2021

Beginning August 2, all classes return to in-studio.

High Intensity: Ignite your metabolism and maximize your results through high-intensity interval training. It's a heart-pumping, calorie-burning full-body workout.

Strength: Change your body composition by building lean muscle mass. The exercises target the major muscle groups, posture and core.

Core and Balance: Engaging the core muscles, this training improves your stability, coordination and mobility.

Hybrid: Combining high-intensity interval training and recovery tactics, this workout maximizes your calorie burn and ends with feel-good regeneration exercises leaving you ready for the next workout.

SGT class schedule

Watch this brief clip taken from an SGT class.

Class Registration

Register on the CFC Member Portal ("Group Activities" section) or the CFC Member App ("Classes" section). Virtual participants will receive the link to join the class upon registration.
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Registration closes 15 minutes prior to the class beginning. If a class is full, you may join our wait list, and if a spot opens up for you to participate, you will be notified via text message.

Drop-In Pricing

30-Minute Classes
Member, $35/class

45-Minute Classes
Member, $40/class

50-Minute Classes
Member, $45/class

Class Packages

Save $5 per class by purchasing a package of four, eight or 12 classes** on the CFC Member App.
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30-Minute Classes
Member Rates
4-Classes Package: $120 | 8-Classes Package: $240 | 12-Classes Package: $360

45-Minute Classes
Member Rates
4-Classes Package: $140 | 8-Classes Package: $280 | 12-Classes Package: $420

50-Minute Classes
Member Rates
4-Classes Package: $160 | 8-Classes Package: $320 | 12-Classes Package: $480

**Package Expiration:
- 4-Classes Package: 6 weeks
- 8-Classes Package: 10 weeks
- 12-Classes Package: 14 weeks

Recorded Workout Option

If you need flexibility with your schedule, recorded workouts are also available. Email Ryan Sheppard for more information.

More Information

Email Mary Edwards or call 972.367.6939