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Heart Health with Omega-3 and CoQ10

How do you supplement a healthy heart? Learn about the two key supplements to fight cardiovascular complications and improve heart health: omega-3 and CoQ10.

Best Supplements for Heart Health

What role can supplements play in your heart health? Cooper Clinic cardiologists share VITAL clinical trial findings and how omega-3 and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) may be good for your heart.

Omega-3 and Heart Health: Do you know these benefits?

Omega-3 is a great heart-healthy choice for both those who are healthy and those who have cardiovascular disease. Read about the heart health benefits of omega-3.

Full-Body Workout to Raise Your Heart Rate

Try these full-body moves for a quick interval workout that focuses on raising your heart rate safely and effectively.

Tracking Heart Rate During Exercise

While you can easily track frequency and duration of exercise, determining the intensity of your workout is more challenging. This is where heart rate tracking comes into play.

Pump Up Your Workout with Heart Rate Tracking

The frequency, duration and intensity of your exercise all factor into the effectiveness of your workout program. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainers Angela Horner and Ryan Sheppard discuss how heart rate tracking can help ensure you're getting the most out of ...

Are You Heading for a Heart Ache?

How will your body let you know that you are developing an unhealthy heart? Learn about common symptoms of heart diseases and what those symptoms may indicate.

Cooper Makes It Our Mission to Fight the Causes of Heart Disease

Did you know Dr. Kenneth Cooper chaired the first Heart Walk in 1992? Learn about our shared mission with the American Heart Association to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Depression's Worrying Link to Life-Threatening Heart Disease

Studies have shown a possible connection between depression and heart disease. Are people who suffer from depression more likely to develop heart disease? Get the facts from Cooper Clinic Cardiologist.

Five Essential Workout Tips for Strengthening Your Heart

Find out our top five tips to get your heart pumping with strength training.

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