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Stop the Slump

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There are many instances where we do not realize how far we are from perfect posture. Take the challenge to notice your sitting technique next time you are at your desk, in the car, on the couch, or even walking down the street. You might be surprised at how imperfect your posture really is. 

Your posture has a major effect on how you feel and look on a daily basis. When your spine is out of line, your back muscles and tendons are under extra stress and strain. The Institute of Health explains that 90 percent of all back problems are due to poor posture, and back pain is the second most common cause of work days missed due to illness.

Posture can have a costly effect on your daily work routine. Staying active at work is critical to your physical and mental efficiency. Pain and soreness in the back and shoulders from poor posture – the rounding result of slouching and slumping – or inactivity can easily and quickly effect mental alertness.

There are ways to improve your posture while at work, in the car, or at home.

  • Hold your head up high. Chances are your back will straighten up as well.
  • Get up and move. If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, make a habit of getting up for a few minutes every 30 minutes. This will loosen your muscles.
  • Keep your soles on the ground. Doing this helps bring your posture to an upright position
  • Grab some support. Adjust your chair or grab a lumbar pillow to help.
  • Practice in the car. While driving, touch your shoulder blades to the back of your car seat. Keep them there for the duration of your drive.
  • Beware of the heels. Ladies, try to avoid high-heels as they alter your body’s center of gravity producing poor posture.

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