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My son still has his medal hanging on his bedroom doorknob...

Natalie Perry Natalie Perry, Camp Parent

“My son attended two basketball clinics this summer at the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas. I was overwhelmed one morning when I sat off to the side to review some emails and kept looking over to watch my 5 year old making baskets at the regular height basketball net. Not only was he making baskets, but all of the little cuties were making baskets. Coach did a great job with these kiddos - it’s hard to get their attention and focus at  age 5. I was really impressed by the different drills Coach had them do. After learning drills, Coach would put together a timed obstacle course. I have to be honest, when the first child started the obstacle course, I thought to myself, “these kids cannot do this, they are too young, they won’t remember what to do”. Well boy was I wrong!!! They all did great. It was wonderful to see their little brains working going to each station and doing each drill. Coach interacted with the kids in a way that was very positive and motivating. Each child got a basketball to take home to continue practice and the drills they learned in the clinic. They received a certificate so they could feel proud of their accomplishments that week. T-shirts and a medal were also handed out. They were all on cloud 9! My son still has his medal hanging on his bedroom doorknob - he likes to show and tell people what he did to receive it. It was such a positive clinic for these kiddos. We will definitely be signing up for more of these type clinics. Thank you so much!!”