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At Cooper Aerobics we challenge people to Get Cooperized™ by adopting a healthy living mindset to live better both sooner and later. The Cooperized lifestyle consists of eight healthy steps, developed by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper.

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Summer Skin Care Tips

Summertime can wreak havoc on your skin. From sunburn to bug bites and dry skin, find out how to take care of your skin this summer.

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Workout Recovery: Using Foam Rollers

Sore muscles go hand-in-hand with a good workout, right? What if there was a way to help reduce muscle soreness post-workout? Learn how to recover from your workouts with the help of a foam roller.

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Foam Rolling to Relief

Mary Edwards, MS, Cooper Fitness Center Fitness Director, says to think of the foam roller as a massage tool. Watch as Mary demonstrates her favorite moves to reduce muscle tightness.

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Best Bets for Portion Control

How big is your plate and how full is your plate? Learn tips and tricks from the registered dietitians at Cooper Clinic to manage your portions.

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Cooper Wellness Cereal Mix

Mix Cooper Wellness' favorite cereals together for a fiber-rich snack on-the-go.

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Do You Need More Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is commonly received through the consumption of fish, meat, eggs and dairy products. Do you regularly eat these foods? If not, supplementation of B12 could provide benefit.

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