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At Cooper Aerobics we challenge people to Get Cooperized™ by adopting a healthy living mindset to live better both sooner and later. The Cooperized lifestyle consists of eight healthy steps, developed by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper.

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What to Expect at Your First Dermatologist Visit

If you’re seeing a dermatologist for the first time as part of a preventive exam or out of concern from a self-check, know what to expect with tips from Cooper Clinic Dermatology.

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Overcoming Fear of Water

Fear of the water is common, even in adults, but learning water safety skills and how to swim can build the confidence needed.

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Swim Lessons at Cooper Fitness Center

Swim Professional Marni Kerner gives insight to the basics of a swim lesson at Cooper Fitness Center.

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Super Food Add-ins for Smarter Smoothies

Smoothies are great for breakfast or on-the-go. Make your smoothie smarter with rich add-ins with chia seeds, kale or cacao powder.

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Super Cherry Smoothie

This Super Cherry Smoothie not only tastes great, but also provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, has been known to help prevent many cancers and now research provides another to add to the list.

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