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Standard Components

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While every component of the Cooper Clinic preventive exam is important, the standard components presented below are critical to providing a well-rounded, in-depth look at your overall health. Patients are strongly encouraged to complete all six components with each annual preventive exam.

Cooper Clinic Preventive Exam Core Components Circle Graphic - Icons for each component

Medical Exam & Counseling
Personal Attention and In-Depth Evaluation

Your physician reviews with you in detail all on-site test results and your own medical history to assess any health risks, answer questions about your current health and provide recommendations for living healthier.

Laboratory Analysis
Essential View of Your Body Chemistry to Assess Your Current State of Health

Laboratory tests are performed to assist your physician in assessing your current state of health. These tests help diagnose disease, plan or evaluate treatments and monitor cardiovascular risks and diseases such as diabetes.

Cardiovascular Screening
Cardiovascular Fitness is a Vital Sign

At the heart of your preventive exam, the results of your treadmill stress test are used to measure fitness, identify your heart’s functional capacity and determine your personal risks of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

Dual Source CT Scan
A Precise View of Cardiovascular Risk

In addition to detecting calcium buildup in the arteries associated with coronary heart disease, the scan evaluates the lungs and abdominal organs for any abnormalities or early sign of disease. Males: baseline at age 40. Females: baseline at age 40-50.

Nutrition Counseling
Personalized Eating Plans that Evolve with You

As your body changes with age, so should your eating habits. Cooper Clinic registered dietitian nutritionists take an evidence-based approach to crafting a personalized action plan to fit your current health and lifestyle.

Skin Cancer Screening
Early Detection and Treatment Saves Lives

Even small skin cancers can be detected by a Cooper Clinic board-certified dermatologist through a head-to-toe screening, with a same-day biopsy, if needed.


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