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Standard Components

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While every phase of the Cooper Clinic preventive exam is important, the following six standard components outlined by our expert physicians are crucial to providing a well-rounded, in-depth look at your overall health. They are strongly encouraged for all patients.

Medical Exam & Counseling
A review of your complete medical history with your Cooper Clinic physician and a thorough physical examination with special emphasis on cardiovascular health and cancer screening. Combining the information from your history, your physical examination and your on-site testing and consultations, your physician will put these results in context for you and provide you with recommendations for healthy living.

Laboratory Analysis
A comprehensive analysis including cholesterol profile, blood sugar levels, complete blood count, homocysteine, urinalysis, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, thyroid hormone, vitamin D and omega-3 among other important tests depending on your age.

Cardiovascular Screening
A standardized walking or cycling test used to determine your level of cardiovascular fitness. Clinical data, analyzed and published by The Cooper Institute, demonstrate cardiovascular fitness is a predictor of risk for many diseases-diabetes, depression, stroke, heart attacks and dementia. Before, during and after the stress test, there is continuous EKG monitoring to assess the response of your heart rate and blood pressure to exercise stress

Dual Source CT Scan
A scan of the upper torso detects buildup of calcium in the heart arteries, which is associated with risk of coronary artery disease. The Dual Source CT Scan also evaluates the lungs and abdominal organs and may identify findings such as fatty liver, aortic aneurysms or tumors. Males: baseline at age 40. Females: baseline at age 40-50.

Skin Cancer Screening
A Cooper Clinic board-certified dermatologist provides a head-to-toe screening for skin cancer and other diseases of the skin. Some skin lesions can be removed that day.

Nutrition Coaching
A consultation with a registered dietitian nutritionist provides you with a realistic, practical approach to healthy eating. The session includes one-on-one nutrition coaching, analysis of your Three-Day Food Record and a personalized action plan based on your health history, lifestyle and habits.


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