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Daily, our skin is assaulted by light (especially ultraviolet light) and environmental pollutants. To help correct sun damaged skin, protect the skin from future damage and address problems associated with aging skin, Cooper Clinic Dermatology in Dallas offers a range of laser treatments.

It's a new day in skin revitalization. PicoSure® laser treatments create brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin by stimulating your skin’s natural collagen regeneration—with virtually no downtime. Correct pigmentation—such as sunspots, freckles and discoloration—acne scarring, wrinkles and fine lines in just a few treatments. Because PicoSure uses gentle pressure, most patients only experience a few hours of mild redness. There’s no special prep and makeup, moisturizer and sunscreen may be applied immediately following treatment.

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing with the DOT Laser
Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser skin resurfacing (LSR) has been the gold standard of facial rejuvenation since its introduction in the mid 1990s. The new generation of fractional or microablative CO2 lasers affords more rapid healing compared to the fully ablative CO2 LSR approach and significantly reduces patients’ downtime. Microablative LSR is proven safe and effective for facial rejuvenation, improving wrinkles, tightening lax skin, reducing the appearance of acne and other types of scars, and restoring the luster of sun-damaged skin. The results reveal overall improved texture and a luminous complexion.

1540 Fractional Non-ablative Laser Resurfacing
Commonly used to improve fine lines, mild acne scarring and the skin's tone and texture from sun damage and aging, 1540 Fractional Non-ablative Laser Resurfacing gives stunning results with little downtime and easy recovery. Much less invasive than traditional laser treatments, the procedure uses highly precise microbeams, leaving tiny areas of untreated skin that provide for rapid healthy and greater safety. Because the treatments are fractionated, providing gentleness, three to five sessions are recommended to achieve the desired results.

FotoFacial (photo rejuvenation)
This treatment uses intense pulsed light to repair aging and sun damage changes affecting the skin. With the flash of light on the skin, gentle and almost invisible fading of discolored skin, age spots and textural irregularities takes place with no down time. Unlike harsher treatments, which cause significant skin irritation, photo rejuvenation gently reduces the dull, rough appearance of the skin on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back of hands and forearms. As a result, the skin is also typically softer due to the positive texture changes from new collagen formation.

Photo rejuvenation can also be used to remove spider veins through a gradual and gentle process over several weeks. Within a few treatments, patients see softer, smoother skin with more even skin tones.

Photos of before and after using Foto Facial
Results of a Cooper Clinic Dermatology patient.

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