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Lifelong care.

At Cooper Clinic Platinum, we’re bringing personal attention and the patient/doctor bond back to the forefront.

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Message from Dr. Camron Nelson, Cooper Clinic President & CEO

Thank you for being a Cooper Clinic patient. To protect your health during your time with us, below are specific steps and processes we have enhanced with your safety in mind.

As you may know, the severity of a COVID-19 infection is significantly influenced by the presence of underlying co-morbidities. This means your preventive exam is more important than ever!

Although there is still much to learn about the virus, it is clear that the transmission is effectively limited by the use of face masks and established disinfectant and sterilization methods. Alcohol, soap, most disinfectants, as well as UV-C light quickly render the virus inactive.

Prior to your visit, and again upon arrival, you will be given a brief health screen regarding COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. Use of a mask has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission. As such, a mask is required throughout your visit. Before entering the Clinic, your temperature will be checked with your mask in place. An exception may be in the doctor’s office during the question and answer time when you may be talking more than six-feet apart. Whether a mask is worn by you and your doctor during this part of your visit is completely at your discretion. Our new waiting area is expansive and provides enough space for proper physical distancing.

If you are to perform a treadmill stress test this year, a mask must be worn and the technician will be in full personal protective equipment. Throughout your stress test, a constant flow air filter with an internal UV-C light will be operating. Following each test, the room is wiped down with disinfectant and sterilized with an ozone-producing UV-C lamp.

Our professional cleaning personnel are active and visible throughout the Clinic sterilizing all areas during working hours and hand sanitizer is readily available for your use. In addition, we are all in the habit of washing our hands throughout the day; one of the most important things we can all do to limit transmission.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your Patient Advocate.

Healthy regards,

Camron E. Nelson, MD
President and CEO, Cooper Clinic