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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cooper Clinic Platinum? Cooper Clinic Platinum provides you with personalized care for all of your preventive and ongoing acute medical needs. The benefits include increased time and attention by a dedicate physician who will serve as your health care advocate, plus a comprehensive list of services that takes complete health care to a whole a new level.

How will this benefit me? We will provide you the ultimate in health care. With round-the-clock access to a trusted medical advisor and team, you will receive personalized and private attention, ample and dedicated time to discuss and treat your medical needs and a champion to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

How long will it take to return phone calls and emails? During office hours, a dedicated physician advocate will work directly with you via phone and email. Phone calls and emails are answered in a timely manner. For urgent needs after hours, you will have access to your physician and advocate via cell phone and calls will be returned as soon as possible.

How quickly can I see the doctor? Depending on the medical urgency and physician recommendation, you will be able to make an appointment day of or the next business day.

What happens if I have a medical need after hours? For any urgent or emergent needs after hours, you have access to your physician and team via text and cell phone. If an emergency room visit or hospitalization is needed after hours, our team is available to assist.

Who will take care of me when my physician is on vacation? In the event that your physician is on vacation, you will be informed via email with one of the other Platinum physicians’ information. The covering physician will be designated for office visits and all urgent care.

Will you take care of me if I need hospitalization? Our team will work with the hospital to help prioritize your admittance, work closely with the hospitalists overseeing your care and, if needed, make hospital visits.

Do you take insurance? Do I even need insurance? Cooper Clinic has opted out of commercial insurance plans. We are considered out-of-network providers. We can submit claims to your insurance plan on your behalf, and if there are any out-of-network reimbursements, they will be sent directly to you. Although we are out-of-network, we do require you to have medical insurance for any referrals to specialists outside of Cooper Clinic.

What if I have Medicare? Patients with Medicare are welcome to be a part of Platinum and receive the same services. Cooper Clinic has opted out of Medicare and cannot file for reimbursement. For referrals to specialists, we will work to refer you to physicians who accept Medicare.

What is the membership agreement and fee? Cooper Clinic Platinum is a 12-month medical membership. The annual fee is paid at the beginning of the contract and is based on age and tier. Please refer to our brochure for specific details. For pricing inquiries, please call us at 972.367.6446.

How do I join Cooper Clinic Platinum? Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the program, answer any questions and set up a meet-and-greet to discuss pricing with you. The first step to joining Platinum is scheduling and coming in for your annual physical, a requirement of membership. After your physical, we can execute the contract based on your medical needs.

Office Hours:
8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
Friday, 8:30 a.m.-noon

During office hours, please call the office first.

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