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Cooper Consulting Selects Launch Agency for Rebranding Project

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Dallas (January 8, 2014)Cooper Consulting Partners, the health management company of Cooper Aerobics, has selected Launch Agency to further position the business for the future. The relationship will help Cooper Consulting Partners create greater awareness of the ways in which the organization is helping companies improve employee health, reduce cost and strengthen culture.
Cooper Consulting Partners helps companies realize their wellness goals using results-based programs that drive engagement, sustain change and produce desired return on investment. “Our decision to work with Launch was based on the agency’s passionate senior leadership, unique understanding of our objectives and their innovative work with other premium brands,” says David Atkinson, Partner and Senior Practice Leader at Cooper Consulting Partners. “Bolstering our premium brand will help us better communicate how we help companies make a positive impact on employee health, ultimately giving them a competitive advantage.”
Launch will use a phased–approach that includes conducting customer focus groups, reviewing industry trends and developing a communication strategy with creative materials. “We are so pleased to be partnering with Cooper Consulting Partners,” says Michael Boone, Principal at Launch. “Through our work we have quickly realized that Cooper Consulting Partners is the answer companies don’t know they’re looking for when it comes to workplace wellness and health management. Cooper Consulting Partner’s focus on sustaining engagement, lowering costs and changing culture ensures that employee wellness programs can have an impact throughout an organization.”

About Cooper Consulting Partners
Cooper Consulting Partners, a Cooper Aerobics company, is reframing the conversation about organization wellness and health management. Cooper Consulting Partners has two key areas of focus—providing strategic Consulting Services to create tailored long-term operational plans to tackle employee health; and Lifestyle Education Services to inspire employees to create personalized action plans to improve their health. While many organizations focus on tools and tactics only when it comes to employee wellness programs, Cooper Consulting Partners takes a comprehensive approach providing results-based consulting aimed at measuring and demonstrating business outcomes. Kenneth H. Cooper’s, MD, MPH, core principal is that “it is easier and less expensive to maintain good health than it is to regain it once it is lost.” This philosophy drives Cooper Consulting Partners, helping companies achieve maximum health and wellness with minimum impact to the bottom line. Cooper Consulting Partners supports their clients through Executive Risk Management, Wellness Consulting and Programs and Leadership and Employee Lifestyle Training. For more information, call 972.560.3263 or visit

About Launch Agency
Launch is a full-service advertising agency based in Dallas. With clients ranging from luxury automotive brands, casinos, restaurants and hotels to retail, consumer packaged goods, non-profits, technology and cultural institutions, the company is nationally recognized for award-winning creative work and for competitively positioning and marketing both fast-growth and mature companies.   Founded in 2003 after spinning off from Temerlin McClain, they are nationally recognized for award-winning creative work and for competitively positioning and marketing both fast-growth and mature companies. Current clients include Park Place Dealerships, Promised Land Dairy, Children’s Medical Center, ViewPoint Bank and The Dallas Wind Symphony. Visit or to learn more.