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Personalized Grocery Store Tours with a Registered Dietitian Simplify Healthy Meal Planning

Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services is now offering personalized grocery store tours to help individuals navigate the grocery store and select healthy food options. Available to the public, grocery store tours are led by a Cooper Clinic registered and licensed dietitian and enable participants to achieve their nutrition goals with healthy meal planning and shopping.

“Today many grocery stores offer more than 60,000 food items, making it especially challenging to identify healthy options,” said Kathy Miller, MS, RD, LD, Co-Director of Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services. “We recognized this need and are excited to offer personalized grocery store tours to help our customers achieve their nutrition goals.”

Often the first step to improve overall health and achieve dietary goals starts at the grocery store. During the tour attendees learn the important basics of healthy grocery shopping: how to read labels, new and healthy products on the market, comparisons between foods, fact vs. fiction on popular food trends and much more.

“Our grocery store tours take the healthy eating discussion out of the consultation and into a real-life setting,” said Patty Kirk, RD, LD, Co-Director of Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services. “Participants learn exactly which foods fit their lifestyle whether they are planning family meals, parties or simple snacks.”

Cooper Clinic's team of registered and licensed dietitians help thousands of people each year better their overall health by improving their diet. Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services offer individual consultations for adults and teens as well as specialized programs for families and diabetes. Cooper Clinic dietitians also offer metabolic testing to determine a patient’s resting metabolic rate and daily caloric needs, recipe analysis for restaurants, publications, food companies or consumers and now grocery store tours.

“Oftentimes grocery shopping can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when trying to find healthy options,” said Amber Odom, RD, LD, Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian and Grocery Store Tour Leader. “We simplify information and highlight the best options like selecting fat free or low-fat lunch meats with less than three grams of fat or choosing Greek yogurt over other types for higher protein.”

Grocery Store Tours are available by appointment only, for individuals or groups up to six. Call Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services at 972.560.2655 to book a tour or visit our website for more information.

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