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Cooper Complete Healthy Body Pack Supplements Total Nutrition

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Cooper Complete Healthy Body Pack Supplements Total Nutrition

Do you sometimes wonder if it makes sense for you to take supplements? A 2010 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association noted the following on the state of a typical Standard American Diet (SAD):

  • Seventy five percent of us use less than two-thirds of the RDA recommendation for one or more nutrients
  • Only one percent of us meet the Food Pyramid guidelines
  • Sugar and fat now account for more than 65 percent of our calories
  • Most minerals we ingest are now at 20- to 40 percent of 1930s levels.

Nutritional supplements wouldn't be needed if we'd eat properly but unfortunately for the vast majority of us, this just isn't the case (or at least it's not the case the majority of the time). Our philosophy with supplements is that they work as an insurance policy to help fill in the gaps of what we most likely are not getting through our daily diet.

A well-balanced multivitamin is a great place to start. The Cooper Complete Healthy Body Pack is a comprehensive multi-vitamin mineral supplement that contains a 30-day supply of our Basic One Multivitamin (which includes 2,000 IU of D3) and two Advanced Omega-3 soft gels (with a 60 percent concentration of the critical "long-chain" omega-3's: EPA and DHA).

The level of vitamin D in our adult formulations is higher than found in most multivitamin/mineral formulations because according to our research here at Cooper and in large, comprehensive national studies, about 80 percent of us (infants to seniors) do not get the level of vitamin D we need in our diet or through sun exposure. While researchers haven't figured out why, low vitamin D levels are tied to poor bone health, weak immunity systems and cardiovascular disease along with multiple other health issues - including cancer, depression, chronic pain, diabetes, and macular degeneration.

Omega-3 (also known as fish oil) is key to good health. Over 18,000 published studies indicate the heart, brain and immune system benefit from fish oil. Unfortunately most of us are very low in omega-3 because the best source in the diet is fish and, on average, we eat fish only once every 11 days. So, in place of eating fish, and fatty fish at that, more often, supplementation is an "easy fix" to this shortfall.

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By Jill Turner, President of Cooper Concepts