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Important Nutritional and Health Facts About Krill Oil Supplements

Did you know that krill, the food of choice for blue whales, seals and cold water fish, comes in oil supplements for humans? It also contains important omega-3 fatty acids. Read more about where krill comes from and how it compares to other fish oil supplements.

Learn Why Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) Is Important for Good Health

Learn Why Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) Is Important for Good Health

Did you know that folate, a form of vitamin B9, plays an important role in reducing the risk of heart disease? Learn more about the sources of folate, how much you need and what Cooper Complete offers.

What Do the Labels on Your Nutritional Supplements Mean?

Beware! What you read on your supplement label might not display the most accurate information. We take a deeper look into the label on Omega-3 supplements to see what it's not telling you. Read more to learn what you might be missing.

What are the Health Benefits of Adding Vitamin C to Your Diet?

Vitamin C has long been known to stop oncoming colds, but are you taking too much? Read more about the facts and stats on the popular vitamin and learn where you can find natural vitamin C in everyday foods.

Cooper Complete Healthy Body Pack Supplements Total Nutrition

Cooper Complete Healthy Body Pack Supplements Total Nutrition

Do you ever wonder which supplements you should take and if you should even take them at all? Is there a one-stop-shop when it comes to vitamins? Read more about what Cooper Complete? supplements are best for all of your health needs.

Conquering Fertility Issues With Healthy Tips from Cooper Complete

Most everyone knows someone who has struggled with infertility. New research shows that antioxidants can help with common infertility problems. Vitamins C and E along with magnesium and zinc are found in those antioxidants. Find out what can guide you into a healthy pregnancy.

Why You Need to Get Enough Lutein as Part of a Healthy Diet

Why You Need to Get Enough Lutein as Part of a Healthy Diet

The naturally occurring antioxidant, Lutein, is used in five of Cooper Complete multivitamins and supplements. As it is not found in the body, you can only consume Lutein through food or supplements. Read more about the benefits of having this antioxidant in your system and where you can find supplements that carry it.

Getting Your Hair, Nails and Skin the Nutrients That They Need

Do your skin, hair and nails need some help staying shiny and healthy? Cooper Complete Dermatologic Health offers an array of nutrients your hair, skin, and nails will love.

Stop The Stink

Medications and supplements alike have their quirky side effects. Some claim that the vitamin Zinc can produce unfriendly body odors, especially on the feet. Read more behind the science of Zinc on both its smelly results and its benefits.

Supplement Storage Suggestions

Supplement Storage Suggestions

Do you store your vitamins in the car, the kitchen, or the bathroom? The heat and humidity of certain household storage spots can make your supplements less effective. Learn more about safe places to store your vitamins.

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