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Cardiologist Weighs in On the Heart Dangers of Sitting Too Long

A sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect your heart health. But does having a desk job really mean you’re more prone to heart disease?

Heart Health with Omega-3 and CoQ10

How do you supplement a healthy heart? Learn about the two key supplements to fight cardiovascular complications and improve heart health: omega-3 and CoQ10.

The Role Supplements Play in Heart Health

What role do omega-3 and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplements play in heart health? Cooper Clinic Cardiologist John Ho, MD, explains.

Managing and Lowering Your Cholesterol With Healthy Eating

How do you keep your cholesterol under control? Find out which foods to avoid and which to buy to keep your heart in check.

Smart Heart Nutrition

Four tips to incorporate a balanced, smart nutrition plan to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Women and Midlife Health: What Is Going On?

Our bodies continue to change as we age. For women, that shift happens considerably every decade. Our dietitians offer some midlife health considerations.

Full-Body Workout to Raise Your Heart Rate

Try these full-body moves for a quick interval workout that focuses on raising your heart rate safely and effectively.

An Expert Guide to the Many Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

The tradition of drinking tea is thousands of years old in many parts of the world. Teas are not only refreshing, but have years of research supporting their health benefits.

Tracking Heart Rate During Exercise

While you can easily track frequency and duration of exercise, determining the intensity of your workout is more challenging. This is where heart rate tracking comes into play.

Pump Up Your Workout with Heart Rate Tracking

The frequency, duration and intensity of your exercise all factor into the effectiveness of your workout program. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainers Angela Horner and Ryan Sheppard discuss how heart rate tracking can help ensure you're getting the most out of ...

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