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Invest in Your Health with Concierge Medicine

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Physician and patient talking

From last minute appointment needs to haggling with insurance companies, primary care can leave you feeling overwhelmed, misunderstood and lost. Concierge medicine may be an investment worth exploring for your long-term health and peace of mind. Cooper Clinic Platinum Physician Michael Chapman, MD, discusses concierge medicine’s increase in popularity and the growth of the Platinum practice at Cooper Clinic.

What is concierge medicine
Concierge medicine is a membership-based health care program with a monthly or annual fee providing you direct, personalized care and 24/7 access to your doctor. This type of medicine is more individualized and focuses on the patient-physician relationship. Physicians get to know their patients more personally and aren’t on a time restraint like primary care appointments due to seeing less patients. “I talk to patients and answer their questions until they don’t have any more,” says Chapman. “We run through every possibility, concern, treatment plan and more until all their worries are put at ease.”

More and more patients have started to see the benefits of concierge medicine. Patients get direct access to care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Concierge medicine gives patients a peace of mind,” says Chapman. “It is an investment in your long-term health. With concierge medicine you have easy access to care, a personalized experience and a better quality of life.” With a smaller panel of patients, physicians are able to spend more time developing an individualized health plan with them. Patients seem to appreciate that they have a closer relationship with their physicians and can communicate with them easier.

Cooper Clinic Platinum
Helping launch Cooper Clinic Platinum in January 2010, Dr. Chapman and Roni Gonzalez-Dunn, Platinum Executive Director, built the practice from the ground up. Starting with the two, Platinum has since grown to a team of 13 including five physicians. Each physician is assigned 125-150 patients, which is much less than a primary care facility sees. “When I was in primary care, I was seeing 25-30 patients a day. Patients would leave without having all their questions answered and as a doctor, that’s frustrating,” says Chapman. There is less frustration and stress for both the patient and physician when there is no time crunch. 

One of the advantages of Cooper Clinic Platinum is having multiple physicians under one roof which allows for collaboration on cases when needed. There is strength in numbers and working together to share knowledge has proven beneficial. “What’s unique about Cooper Clinic Platinum is we have every service at one facility and it’s all included in our Platinum fee,” says Chapman. Platinum focuses on all aspects of health—prevention, primary and acute care. 

  • 24/7 access to your board-certified Platinum physician and/or the team via phone, text or email
  • Comprehensive Executive Health Physical Exam
  • Tailored wellness plan with guidance in exercise, nutrition, stress management and more
  • Diagnosis and ongoing management of acute and reoccurring medical problems within Cooper Clinic’s current practice areas
  • Same day or next business day appointments
  • In-house laboratory and imaging services
  • Nutrition and exercise counseling and guidance
  • Annual/travel immunizations (available in-house)
  • Complimentary Cooper Fitness Center membership
  • Personalized referrals to preferred specialists or medical centers with assistance in scheduling appointments
  • Hospital admission assistance
  • Preferred pricing on Cooper Clinic cosmetic dermatology services
  • Preferred pricing at Cooper Hotel
  • Preferred pricing on Cooper Complete® nutritional supplements

Additional services can be included in your Platinum program including cardiology, gastroenterology and optometry.

Having access to 24/7 care means not waiting weeks to hear from or see your doctor. “I had a patient recently who was going on a trip outside of the United States and they messaged me asking if they needed any vaccines or if there were any health concerns they should be aware of while traveling out of the country. I was able to easily communicate with them and inform them of things to be aware of before their big trip. It’s things like that you won’t find in primary care,” says Chapman. Even if your Platinum physician is out of office or on vacation, you can still receive the care you need. Other Platinum physicians and Platinum Patient Advocates cover for each other while they are out and assist you with all your medical needs. 

“With increased time and attention dedicated to you and your health as well as a comprehensive list of services, nothing goes unnoticed. You’ll leave your appointments feeling less stressed with a plan to help you live a better quality and quantity of life,” says Chapman.

Find the right concierge practice for you
Before enrolling in a concierge program, research practices near you. Finding the right practice takes time and you want to make sure the practice is right for you and you’re right for them. See if you can interview the team whose care you’ll be under and ask them questions about what they can provide for you. Ask yourself what you’re really looking for in a practice and find one that aligns with your beliefs and needs. Not every practice will be right for every individual and vice versa.  

Over the past few years, the need and want for concierge medicine practices has increased and more individuals are wanting to take charge of their long-term health. Cooper Clinic has adapted to this demand and stayed on top of patient needs by adding services. “Keeping all comprehensive care under one roof and adding additional services to keep up with changing times is what sets us apart from other practices,” says Chapman. Having a central location for all patient needs ensures patients are leaving with a peace of mind. 

Concierge medicine can take your health care to a whole new level. You’ll have a greater peace of mind knowing your health is a priority. For more information about Cooper Clinic Platinum, visit or call 972.367.6446.