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Powering Through the Snooze Button For Your Morning Workouts

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Powering Through the Snooze Button For Your Morning Workouts

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another—we have every intention of going to the gym after work, but a late meeting at work, family obligations, or just being downright exhausted and we skip our workout for other obligations, or for even a little extra rest.

The only way to prevent your busy day from getting in the way of your exercise routine is to plan your workouts for first thing in the morning, before your day gets started. But getting up early isn’t easy for everyone.

There are plenty of benefits to a morning workout, including:

It’s one accomplishment for the day. Feel good knowing you’ve already checked something off your to-do list before you ever get to work. Once you’ve finished your morning workout, it’s over and you won’t have to commit any additional time to your fitness for the day. In the morning, there’s nothing to pull you away from exercise, so set yourself up for a successful day with a morning workout.

Be more efficient. Working out in the afternoon requires packing a bag for the gym, changing clothes during the day, an extra shower and sometimes getting back into your work clothes to finish the workday. Let’s face it—afternoon workouts can be very inefficient for your time. But when you work out in the morning, you eliminate every obstacle that can make working out in the afternoons that much more complicated.

Less stress. Exercise is a natural stress reliever. By starting your day with a workout, you’ll feel more energized and empowered to get through a hectic day at work.

Burn more fat. Some research suggests that you can burn more body fat by getting your workout in before your first meal of the day. Just be sure you fuel up with a healthy breakfast or mid-morning snack as soon as you’re finished exercising.

Do you need to shift your workouts to morning? Here are some tips from Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer James Silvester to motivate you to drag yourself out of bed for your workout.

  • Find accountability. When you know you’ve got a workout partner or fitness trainer waiting on you, you’re less likely to turn off that alarm clock and go back to sleep. Find someone with whom to be accountable.
  • Treat it like a job. If you wouldn’t skip out on work for the day, don’t skip your workout. Exercise should be non-negotiable in your daily routine.
  • Make it fun. Find a form of exercise you enjoy, whether it’s lifting weights, running in the park, yoga or a group fitness class. The more you enjoy it, the less likely you’ll be to skip your workout for the day.
  • Give it a chance. For some people, working out in the morning just doesn’t fit; but for most people, it’s a matter of retraining your mind and body to start the day earlier. Get into a routine and be sure you go to bed early enough to get at least seven hours of sleep before your alarm sounds in the morning.

If you’re looking for someone to help keep you motivated during your workouts, consider working with a Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer. Your trainer will design a fitness program specific to you, and will encourage and motivate you along the way. Learn more at