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Boxing: A Sport for All Ages

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Boxing: A Sport for All Ages

Boxing may sound like an intimidating activity, or you may think it’s a sport to be left to the pros. In reality, boxing is a sport that can be practiced and enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels.  Cooper Fitness Center Boxing Pro Derrick James explains why boxing is a great workout for all ages.

From physical fitness to building confidence, boxing offers a number of benefits. It helps children develop hand-eye coordination, which can improve their performance in other sports such as basketball and baseball. For adults and seniors, boxing can help maintain and improve mobility. Boxing-specific athletic training works various muscles and makes it an incredible full-body workout.

In boxing, the athlete learns discipline—a skill children can carry with them into every aspect of life. Boxing is also a form of self-defense, and can empower you with the confidence needed to face life’s obstacles.

When he was just four years old, James (who is now 43) was introduced to boxing at his neighborhood boys’ club. Boxing was something he was able to do with both his brother and his father—his dad drove his team van to matches. “Kids need to know their parents are there for them and that they think physical fitness is important,” says James. That’s just the example his own father set for him.

Though he trains individuals and groups of all ages and varieties, James spends much of his time coaching and training parents and their children as well as husbands and wives. “It’s quality time you can spend with your child or loved one,” he says. “It’s all about getting better and learning on the same pace as each other.”

Boxing has taken James around the world—both as an athlete on the USA boxing team as a teenager, and as a trainer of professional boxers—and taught him many life lessons. “It gave me confidence, assurance and understanding of who I am,” he says. “It helped me to set and attain goals, learn how to be a better person and how to interact with people of all cultures. It helped me become the man that I am today.”

If you think you are too old to try boxing, you can think again! James says he has trained children as young as four all the way up to adults in their 80s. He trains individuals as well as small groups of three or four people, so team up with your child, your spouse or your friend and give boxing a try!

For more information about boxing at Cooper Fitness Center, please contact Derrick James.

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