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At Cooper Aerobics we challenge people to Get Cooperized™ by adopting a healthy living mindset to live better both sooner and later. The Cooperized lifestyle consists of eight healthy steps, developed by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper.

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Breast Health Q&A from Dr. Dell

doctor holding pink breast health awareness ribbon

Breast cancer screening recommendations can often be confusing. Cooper Clinic radiologist and breast imaging specialist R. Vance Dell MD, offers insight and hope to your most probing breast health questions.

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Negative Tolls Chronic Stress Can Have on Your Health

Male sitting at laptop

Managing stress is a crucial step to Get Cooperized and lead a healthy life.

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The Power of Fitness: Fight Back with Hope

woman doing cable exercises

Cancer doesn't have to be the victor. Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Colette Cole shares how her program inspires women who face the daunting reality of breast cancer and are fighting back without losing hope.

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Female Focus Favorites

trainer doing plank shoulder touches

Cooper Fitness Center Personal Trainer Colette Cole demonstrates three favorite stability and strength moves from her very own Female Focus program.

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To Be or Not to Be Vegetarian?

vegetables on counter top

You can never go wrong with more fruits and veggies. But is the vegetarian diet right for you? Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Patty Kirk shares ways to ensure you’re getting all four main nutrients before making the switch.

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Pumpkin Parfait

Pumpkin Parfait

Fall is in the air! These darling mini desserts are sure to spice up any celebration and are as easy as (pumpkin) pie to make.

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The Fishy Truth of the Krill v. Fish Oil Debate

krill and fish oil capsules

There's no doubt that omega-3 has numerous health benefits, but what type is best for you? Not all omega-3 sources are created equal. Before you buy into the claims of krill oil, be sure you know what science has to say about which oil might give you more bang for your buck.

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Nancy D.

Cooper Weight Loss taught me the importance of eating a balanced diet—it's not just about keeping the calories low—and the importance of movement. I’ve lost double my original weight loss goal and have kept it off.