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Experience the ultimate in relaxation and tension relief with a massage at Cooper Spa. Our professional and knowledgeable licensed therapists customize each session to your specific needs. Create an experience all your own with enhancements from aromatherapy to magnesium, Moroccanoil® and more for an additional fee.

*indicates a client favorite

Beautiful Fit Signature Massage
This personalized service, tailored to your specific needs, incorporates varying techniques, pressure and essential oils to give you ultimate relief. Following a private consultation with the licensed therapist, your one-of-a-kind service will begin to unwind your body and mind.
75 minutes, $185

Deep Tissue Massage*
Using stronger pressure focused on trigger points in the muscle tissue, this technique is ideal for the active person or those needing relief from extended soreness or tightness.
50 minutes, $150 / 80 minutes, $195

Swedish Massage*
Addressing tension in the muscles and soft tissue, this traditional technique is ideal for every person.
50 minutes, $130 / 80 minutes, $175

Fitness Stretching Massage*
Integrating deep tissue massage with stretching, this treatment releases tension, increases vitality and enhances flexibility. Beneficial for fit body types. We recommend women wear sports bra top and shorts and men wear loose-fitting shorts.
50 minutes, $150 / 80 minutes, $195

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage
The extra stress and tension placed on an expectant mother’s body is relieved through the use of massage, specialty contoured body pillows, soft music and aromatherapy. Improved circulation and diminished back and hip pain are benefits of this unique therapy for pregnant women. Postpartum massage can help restore a new mother’s body to its pre-pregnancy condition and alleviate muscle strain and soreness.
50 minutes, $140 / 80 minutes, $180

We recommend that you are past your first trimester and/or have a physician’s consent.


Aromatherapy, $20
Enhance the healing powers of massage with a customized selection of pure essential oils that nourishes the body and nurtures the spirit.

Magnesium Treatment, $20
Magnesium oil is an anti-inflammatory mineral oil used during massage to relax and relieve cramps, muscle fatigue and stress.
Magnesium oil is not recommended for those who are pregnant or taking heart medications.

Moroccanoil® Leave-In Hair Treatment, $20
Treat your hair with the conditioning benefits of Moroccanoil®. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, this treatment will leave your hair rejuvenated and smooth.

Percussion Therapy, $20
Targeted recovery therapy, percussion therapy delivers fast, short pulses and vibration to muscles and connective tissue using a massage device. The benefits include increased blood circulation, decreased amount of muscle soreness post workout and decreased muscle tension and tightness leaving you with an overall feeling of relaxation.
Not recommended for those who bruise easily, are pregnant, have diabetes, a bleeding disorder or acute nerve injury or have recently had surgery.

Stone Therapy, $20
With the placement of warm and cool stones, this massage enhancement loosens tight muscles, relieves stress and eases tension. Ideal for those needing relief from extended soreness or tightness.
Not recommended for those who are pregnant, have diabetes or Raynaud's phenomenon or lack sensation for any other reason.


MAT, or Muscle Activation Techniques®, is a non-invasive technique that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances. The first step is to identify the cause of the imbalance, pain or limited range of motion through a series of tests. Once identified, a process for reactivating the affected muscles begins. Benefits can include reduced pain, improved mobility and decreased risk of injury.
60-minute consultation and light work, $85
60-minute full session, $160

Read more about MAT on the Cooper blog. Paige Cervantes, Cooper Spa Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, outlines the benefits of MAT for anyone looking to move and feel better, regardless of age or fitness level.