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Here’s what a few Female Focus participants had to say.

“My favorite aspect of the Female Focus Weight Loss Program has been the level of instruction and personal attention that I received from the personal trainers and registered dietitian. They taught me how to capitalize on my strengths and develop my weaknesses. The nutritional counseling was instrumental in altering poor eating habits that I developed over the last several years. After the first six weeks of the program, I lost 11 pounds, my cardiovascular fitness and core strength improved markedly, and my total cholesterol level dropped 38 points. I am very grateful for the Female Focus program because it has equipped me with the tools I need in order to maximize my overall wellness. The group sessions have both reinforced and encouraged my healthier lifestyle.”

Lyndee Myers
Dallas, Texas

“I was diagnosed with osteopenia, bordering on osteoporosis. After a year of training in the Female Focus Disease Management Program, my doctor could not believe the improvement in my bone density. Prior to the start of the program, my hip was at medium risk and improved to almost normal. Colette Cole tailors the exercise program to adjust to individual needs and keeps track of every participant’s individual needs. This program emphasizes strengthening the core and stabilizing balance. This truly is one of the best classes out there.”

Patti Kiernan
Dallas, Texas

“I have been in the Female Focus Weight Loss Program since March 2009 and I lost 12 pounds by the end of my initial 12 sessions. In addition to the weight loss, I have more energy, my body is toned and things have shifted—in a good way. This program has made a tremendous difference in my outlook on life, and I’m in physically better shape than I’ve been in years.”

Sherry Johnston
Dallas, Texas