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Cooper® Tracks Testimonials

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Cooper® Tracks made me realize how important exercise is to controlling my diabetes. Being with others who have diabetes has helped me learn how to better deal with the good and bad days. This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.

Lotty Repp Casillas
Cooper Tracks Diabetes participant

Cooper® Tracks has helped me overcome my inhibitions of using the gym equipment properly and effectively. The program is comprehensive of all health and wellness and it motivated me to continue the new habits I’ve learned.

Lisa Beckerman
Cooper Tracks Diabetes participant

I really appreciate the Cooper® Tracks program. I went on a 5-mile foot tour of Old Quebec City which had hundreds of stairs and steep inclines and I kept up quite well!

Katrina Moran
Cooper Tracks Well-Being participant

I saw my doctor recently and she was so excited that my resting energy expenditure had improved by over 100 points. She agreed I developed more muscle mass—which would be due to Cooper® Tracks classes!

Sherri Harris
Cooper Tracks Arthritis participant

My blood pressure and weight have dropped, and my strength has increased. What I learned at Cooper Tracks vastly exceeded my expectations. I have the desire and self-confidence to continue improving my health. Now, good health is in reach.

Cooper Tracks Cardiovascular Participant

Thank you for assisting in my recovery following my heart attack, stents and pacemaker. My strength and endurance have improved. It is now possible to be more active. There is more joy in daily living.

Don Wilks
Cooper Tracks Cardiovascular participant