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Medical Screenings

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Assessment of distant, near, color and peripheral vision to determine visual acuity and identify any visual problems. A screen for glaucoma is also included. Please note that prescriptions cannot be written. Annually.

Evaluation of hearing in multiple ranges to assess deficiencies. Annually.

Assessment of lung volume and airway flow. Annually.

Laryngoscopic Exam 
Photograph of the larynx is taken to check for cancer, polyps, vocal cord nodules, inflammation from infections or allergic conditions and other abnormalities. Annually.

Body Composition 
Two methods can be used to determine the percentage of total body fat of an individual and determine ideal weight. Annually.

  • Skinfold Measurement: Taken with skin calipers.
  • Body Fat Densitometry: A full-body scan to measure fat mass and lean mass (muscle). Physician’s discretion.