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What to Expect on Exam Day
Expect the best. The best minds in preventive medicine. The latest technology. The most efficient use of time. The ultimate personalized exam. All founded on unmatched research and science.

When executives know what to expect, they're better prepared. Here’s a better understanding of what our physical exams entail and a general overview of how the day may go. The order of exam tests do vary based on individual patient needs and the daily patient load.

Checking In
Appointment check-in times are between 7 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. The full exam takes approximately six to eight hours. For out-of-town guests, staying at our Cooper Hotel on-site makes checking in and out easy. We recommend scheduling return flights for 5 p.m. or later.

Day Flow
During check-in, a Patient Services Representative explains what to expect on the exam day and gives a general sense of how the day will flow.

First Things First
Typically, the first procedure completed during the exam day is lab work since executives will have been fasting the past 12 hours.

Food for Thought
Once cleared from fasting, snacks are available throughout the day in the Cooper Clinic lobby. Depending on the flow of the exam procedures, there may be time to eat at Cedars Woodfire Grill at Cooper Aerobics, located on-site at Cooper Fitness Center.

Your Guide
Executives are guided from one test to another until all procedures and tests are completed.

Time with the physician includes a medical exam and consultation, review of lab and test results and development of a plan of action to help live a healthy lifestyle.

Down Time
While we don’t expect executives to have too much free time, they may experience some wait times between procedures. So bring a laptop or tablet—free Wi-Fi is available—a book or your favorite hobby.

All results and test reports are available the same day and are reviewed together with the physician. In addition, a complete report will be mailed to you.

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