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Since 1970, Cooper Clinic’s reputation for providing comprehensive preventive exams spans the globe—conducting more than 265,000 exams for more than 100,000 people.

Cooper Clinic in Dallas provides patients an individualized, in-depth picture of their health, an action plan to improve it and their test results—all in less than a day. Our board-certified physicians deliver an individualized physical exam with unmatched expertise and unequaled personal attention to help you reach and sustain the best health possible.

Cooper Clinic also offers breast health, cardiology, preventive and cosmetic dermatology, 24/7 direct medicine, gastroenterology, imaging and a broad range of nutrition services.


Message from Dr. Camron Nelson, Cooper Clinic President & CEO

Thank you for being a Cooper Clinic patient. We look forward to your visit!

During the COVID-19 pandemic we learned that susceptibility to infectious disease is significantly influenced by the presence of underlying co-morbidities. Your preventive exam is an important way to detect and remedy underlying conditions that may hinder your body’s ability to fight disease!

Prior to your visit, you will be given a brief health screen regarding symptoms and exposure to infectious disease, including COVID-19. Due to precautions such as this and a successful vaccination program, the number of COVID-19 cases is lower than it has been in a year.

The CDC currently recommends masking indoors—regardless of vaccination status—in communities with high viral transmission, including Dallas. In light of these recommendations, our staff is required to wear masks in public areas and while interacting with patients. We also continue to practice physical distancing and maintain our enhanced cleaning processes. Until the viral activity in the community subsides, we recommend patients wear a mask while at Cooper Clinic to limit unnecessary spread of the virus. We continue to monitor the public health parameters closely and will update our policies as we are able.

We trust that your day at Cooper Clinic will be informative and enjoyable as we strive together to maximize your health.

If you have any concerns or questions about your upcoming visit, feel free to contact us at 972.560.2667 or

Healthy regards,

Camron E. Nelson, MD
President and CEO, Cooper Clinic