Executive Health

Based on our world-leading body of data and expertise, we know that good health affects an individual professionally as much as it does personally. Cooper Clinic Executive Health in Dallas helps executives improve their health to improve their productivity.

We provide executives an in-depth, head-to-toe look at the state of their health in one day—with same-day results—and the encouragement, education and tools they need to keep their heart in the game today and in the future.

Proof is in the Numbers
As a result of more than 40 years of preventive medicine research collaboration between Cooper Clinic and The Cooper Institute 501(c)(3), we discovered that moderate exercise—a collective 30 minutes of activity most days of the week—a person’s risk of dying from any cause decreases by 58 percent. Additional research shows that moderate fitness levels will increase lifespan by six to nine years.

A review of 240,000 Cooper Clinic exams on 100,000 patients showed that male patients who regularly get an annual exam live to age 87—13 years longer than the average life expectancy for males—and females live to age 90—seven years longer.

The numbers say it all. Improving how you live will improve how well you live. Cooper Clinic Executive Health preventive physical exams can help leaders experience a longer, more productive future.

Set Up an Executive Health Account
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Schedule an Executive Health Physical Exam
If you are an executive whose company has a current Executive Health account at Cooper Clinic and you want to schedule an appointment, fill out this form or call 972.560.2667 and reference your company name.