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Standard Components

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Each Cooper Clinic physical exam is tailored to an executive’s particular needs based on age, gender, medical history, goals and physician's recommendations. And while every phase of the physical exam is important, the following standard components are crucial to providing an accurate, in-depth look at an executive's overall health. These six foundational exam elements are strongly recommended for each new patient.

Medical Exam And Counseling
Consists of a review of a completed medical history as well as a thorough physical examination performed by the Cooper Clinic physician. Special emphasis is given to cardiovascular abnormalities and cancer screening. Data collected is thoroughly reviewed to answer questions and provide recommendations for healthy living.

Laboratory Analysis
Comprehensive lab testing including cholesterol profile, blood sugar level, complete blood count, homocysteine, urinalysis, high sensitivity C-reactive protein, thyroid stimulating hormone, vitamin D, omega-3 and other important tests.

Cardiovascular Screening
The stress test is a standardized walking or cycling test used to determine cardiovascular fitness, assess the function and conduction system of the heart and identify possible underlying coronary artery disease. Before, during and after the stress test, an EKG is taken to assess the heart’s conduction system and function.

Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT) Scan
An upper torso scan (between the shoulders and hip bones) that detects buildup in the heart’s arteries. The scan also evaluates the lungs and abdominal organs. Males: baseline at age 40. Females: baseline at age 40-50. As clinically needed thereafter.

Skin Cancer Screening
Head-to-toe screening by a board-certified dermatologist for evidence of skin cancer or other diseases of the skin.

Nutrition Consultation
A one-on-one consultation with a registered dietitian designed to help executives gain the knowledge and skills needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Includes nutrition coaching, a personalized action plan with diet recommendations and a computer analysis of a Three-Day Food Record to calculate the nutrients in your diet.

Cooper Clinic Specialty Services
Additional services may be medically-indicated or elected. For an overview, click here.

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