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Battle Ropes

Have you seen the battle ropes in action at Cooper Fitness Center? Learn a few moves from Professional Fitness Trainer Christian Mazur for a full-body workout.

Heart Health with Omega-3 and CoQ10

Learn about the two key supplements to fight cardiovascular complications and improve heart health: omega-3 and CoQ10.

Garden Chicken Wrap

This chicken wrap is easy and tasty. It's a perfect addition to you and your child's lunch bag.

Five Meals for a Busy Lifestyle

Studies have shown that when people eat out, they consume 200-300 more calories than if they had eaten at homeā€”and that adds up! Kickstart your cooking with five quick recipes from Cooper Clinic.

Bully Prevention with Martial Arts

Martial Arts Pro Mike Proctor at Cooper Fitness Center uses the practice of martial arts to teach self-defense and bully prevention (ages 4+).

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