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Healthy Habits Away at School

The ‘freshman 15’ is the commonly dreaded weight gain for young adults going to college. If students aren't eating the nutritious foods they should be, how can they supplement their deit?

FDA Bans Omega-3 Claims on Food Labels

Statements like “excellent source of”, “rich in”, or “high in” omega-3s are being removed from labels. Why? How is it measured and how much do you need?

Does Sitting Too Much Affect Your Heart Health?

A sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect your heart health. But does having a desk job really mean you’re more prone to heart disease?

Full-Body Exercise With One Tool

Cooper Fitness Center's Director of Professional Training and Education, Carla Sottovia, PhD, demonstrates a full-body exercise with the ViPR.

Functional Training to Work Multiple Muscle Groups

Most every day movements require multiple muscle groups working together, so why spend your time training one muscle group at a time in the gym? Learn more about the benefits of functional training.

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