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Do Our Furry Friends Need Vitamins, Too?

Taking the right vitamins and supplements is one of the Eight Steps to Get Cooperized from Dr. Cooper to foster overall wellness, but is the same true for your pets?

Do Whole Grains Cause Weight Gain?

Do whole grains increase body fat? Are whole grains the culprit behind the obesity epidemic? Learn why whole grains should be an essential element in your diet.

Exercising with Sandbells

They may look like a lot of fun (and they are) but Sandbells are also an excellent fitness tool for improving strength and dexterity. Learn three Sandbell exercises to use next time you’re at the gym.

Sandbells at Cooper Fitness Center

Shannon Edwards, Professional Fitness Trainer at Cooper Fitness Center, recommends sandbells for people of all ages exercising.

Apricot Chicken

Grilled, sautéed, baked or roasted? However you like your chicken cooked, try preparing with our recipe using apricots and fresh rosemary.

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